Three Iconic brands by Nestle and their Marketing Strategies


Nestle is a leading FMCG brand with a global presence and a large product portfolio. 2018 was a productive year for Nestle when it achieved impressive sales and continued the expansion of its product line. The FMCG industry is marked by heavy competition and some of the main competitors of Nestle include Unilever and Procter and Gamble. Nestle’s position globally is rock solid which is mainly because of a great product and marketing strategy. Several of its products are household names and leaders in their respective categories. There are three iconic brands from Nestle which are famous in almost all corners of the world and have a large customer base. They are Maggi, Kitkat and Nescafe. The popularity of these brands rests upon several factors including flavor, product quality and marketing strategies. How these brands are marketed is also a critical factor in driving sales and profits.


Nestle has brought seven lines of products and Kitkat is among its leading confectionery products. It is one of the best selling chocolate brands around the world and sells across around 80 countries. Kitkat became a hit because of its flavour. However, there are other things also just as iconic about Kitkat. The original strapline associated with Kitkat has been used since it was used for the first time. The chocolate came to the market first in UK in 1935 and was renamed Kitkat in 1937. Have a break! Have a Kitkat! strapline has remained in use since its introduction.

Since then, Nestle has used several ad campaigns to make its brand popular around the world. It uses digital marketing channels and social media to promote Kitkat which has around 35 million followers on facebook. The Kitkat chocolatory initiative was started by Nestle to brung the brand closer to its fans and followers around the world. The number of flavors of Kitkat has increased over time. However, at the core, it is still the same chocolate fun with a touch of wafer. The strapline has also been translated into regional languages as a part of the regional ad campaigns.


Maggi is one of the prepared dishes products by Nestle. The noodles are famous in several corners of the world and have become a part of people’s lifestyles. Maggi originated from a recipe that  Julius Maggi created in 1886. Since then, it has turned into a successful noodles brand in a yellow packet. Today, it enjoys very high brand recognition in most corners of the world.

Family has remained a central theme in the marketing strategy of Maggi.  Nestle has been targeting the middle class families mainly through its maggi ads. The product’s popularity is also owing to its flavour and it enjoys very high level of recognition worldwide. In its freshest ad campaign, Nestle has made it maggi’s mission to champion the goodness of home-cooking worldwide. According to Nestle, this move is part of the new Maggi ‘Simply Good’ initiative for inspiring and offering tastier and healthier choices, in line with Nestlé’s commitment to enable healthier and happier lives”. In India, its two minutes noodles campaign is one of the most watched and well known ads. Nestle is also using digital marketing channels to make its iconic brands famous throughout the globe. It has used social media accounts dedicated especially to its specific brands. Maggi has more than 18 million followers on Facebook which reflects its global popularity. Nestle uses the Facebook account of Maggi to run seasonal ad campaigns and to engage its customers.


Nescafe is another iconic brand from Nestle. It is among the most popular coffee brands of the world and is available in several flavours based upon the occasion and the people’s tastes. Nestle has released several varieties of Nescafe including its Nestle classic and Nestle Greenblend which has higher level of antioxidants. Nescafe originated in Brazil in the 1930s and was launched in Switzerland in 1938.

Nestle has been promoting its Nescafe using digital and other channels. From time to time Nestle has run various  ad campaigns to promote Nescafe and to drive sales. Most often the company has used ad campaigns to connect the brand with  distinct emotions. Sometimes, it is about preserving special moments of your life and sometimes, it is all about winning in life. Nestle’s marketing strategy has been successful and the Kitkat brand is highly popular. Like the other iconic brands, Nestle promotes Nescafe using social media as well. On Facebook, Nescafe has around 37 million followers and Nestle uses the Facebook account to promote the product and to run ad campaigns as well as engage followers.