About Us

Notesmatic is home to more than two thousand articles and essays in business, marketing and literature. Our goal is to help the students, of business and marketing, master the concepts and theories and help them learn from real world examples of leading companies across various industry sectors. You can read case studies on Notesmatic in marketing, business, digital transformation, human resource management and more topics.

Founded in 2016 by Abhijeet Pratap, Notesmatic aims to help students learn and stay up to date with key concepts and factors driving industrywide changes and growth. We provide well researched articles in business and marketing with indepth content that reflects on modern industry environment and key business trends.

Notesmatic.com mainly includes articles researched and written by Abhijeet Pratap and some guest articles written by experts in their respective fields. We continue to add fresh research and notes to help students and professional stay up to date with modern business concepts and achieve expertise in business marketing and management.

Abhijeet Pratap founded Notesmatic.com in 2016. He is an MBA in marketing and likes to research latest trends and changes across various industry sectors. Apart from marketing and sales, he is also interested in supply chain management. He has worked for an edtech company in the past and likes to spend time reading and researching. Abhijeet also spends time learning about latest technologies and runs one more blog to help others like him with a passion for writing become successful bloggers.