Sample Apology email to the customer for a defective product. 

How to write an apology email to the customer for a defective shipment.

As the customer service manager for an e-commerce brand, you may come across several such cases on a regular basis where a defective or wrong order got shipped to the customer. If the item is not replaced or a proper explanation provided to the customer in a timely manner, the result can be dissatisfaction. Customer dissatisfaction results in switching and you do not want your customer to switch to another brand. So, to maintain your relationship with the customer, it is essential that you provide him with an appropriate explanation and replacement or refund as applicable. However, to ensure that the customer does not grow frustrated, you should communicate to him to show that you really care and will be doing your best to make sure that he receives what he ordered.

Sample E-mail for a defective product shipment.

Dear Mr. Smith,

We regret that that keyboard (product) you ordered does not function as expected and some of its keys are unresponsive. Products sold by us go through a preliminary quality test in order to ensure that only the right quality products are shipped to customers. However, under rare circumstances, a defective product may reach one of our customers. Our company prides itself on having one of the most rigorous quality testing processes in place. However, we are sorry that the keyboard you received is not fully functional. However, there are a few adjustments you can try before returning the product. This will help find out that the problem is not software related. Please follow the below procedure to find out.

 Check if the product has been correctly installed and all the proper settings are in place. You can try connecting the keyboard to a different laptop or computer and see if it functions properly. If the drivers are outdated, they too can cause a keyboard to function abnormally. Connecting with a different laptop will help you find it out. If the issue persists, we believe something can be wrong with the hardware. In that case, you can select to get a refund or a replacement, whichever you want. Just go to the orders section of your account and find the right order from the list and next to it click on ‘Ask for Refund/Replacement’. Once you have initiated the request, our representative will get in touch with you to sort out the issue. You can return the defective product to the delivery personnel carrying the replacement product.

Our products bear a guarantee of quality and we will issue a full refund within 7 days in case we are unable to offer a replacement. So, please try the above-mentioned solutions and let us know. Please also note that you are also eligible to free of charge replacement of defective orders.  Thanks for letting us serve you!

Jack Sullivan

Customer Service Manager.


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