Microsoft Revenue from United States

The chart above shows Microsoft Corporation’s net sales in the US market from 2015 to 2023 in billions.

In fiscal 2023, Microsoft generated $106,744 million from the United States market in net sales. The company also generated $105,171 million from its overseas markets in net sales. Its overseas revenue climbed above $100 billion for the first time in its history. The total net revenue of the company in 2023 increased to $211,915 million compared to $198,270 million in the prior year. Its total revenue crossed the $200 billion mark for the first time in its history in 2023.

Microsoft experienced 19% growth in its net sales in the United States in 2022 compared to the prior year. While the United States accounted for 51% of the company’s total net sales in 2022, the overseas markets accounted for 49%. In 2021, Microsoft’s revenue from the overseas markets was slightly higher compared to its revenue from the overseas markets.

Microsoft Revenue from United States 2004-2023

YearUS Revenue (millions)Foreign Markets (millions)

2022: The United States is Microsoft’s domestic market and also the largest market for its products and services. In 2022, Microsoft generated $100.3 billion from the US market compared to $84 billion in the prior year. The company also generated $98.05 billion from the overseas markets in 2022 compared to $84.13 billion in 2021.

2018: Microsoft’s Revenue from United States in 2018 was the highest yet at 55.93 Billion dollars. In 2017, it earned 45.24 Billion Dollars in revenue from United States. This was around 4.7 Billions higher than 2016, when it earned 40.56 Billion USD  in revenue from United States. United States constitutes the single largest market of Microsoft. Otherwise none of its markets accounted for more than 10% of its entire revenue.