Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Revenue

Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud segment consists of its public, private, and hybrid server products and cloud services that can power modern business and developers. In 2022, the company experienced a 25% growth in its intelligent cloud revenue. The company generated $75.25 billion from intelligent cloud in 2022 compared to $60.08 billion in the prior year.

Intelligent Cloud Revenue of Microsoft 2014-2022

The following table shows the revenue of Microsoft from Intelligent cloud segment from 2014 to 2022 . Amounts are in millions. 

YearIntelligent Cloud Revenue (Millions)

The intelligent cloud segment of Microsoft consists of its public, private and hybrid servers and cloud services. This entire operations segment is comprised of two segments that are Server products & cloud services as well as enterprise Services. In 2017, Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud Revenue increased primarily driven by higher revenue from server products and cloud services. In 2017, Microsoft’s revenue from the entire Intelligent cloud segment reached 27.4 Billions which was 2.4 Billions higher than 2016.

During the 1st three quarters of 2018 (ended March 31, 2018), the revenue of Microsoft from Intelligent cloud segment reached 22.61 Billion Dollars. This was around 3 Billions higher compared to the same period last year. In the first three quarters of 2017, Microsoft’s revenue from Intelligent cloud segment was 19.58 Billion Dollars.

Total intelligent cloud revenue for the entire year 2018 was 32.2 Billion dollars (4.8 Billions 0r 18% higher than previous year ).