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Growing footprint of Google across US

Alphabet is a large company with around one lac employees and offices in various corners of the world. The company owns and operates data centers in U.S., Europe, South America, and Asia. Its US footprint is growing rapidly. Last year, the company invested around 9 billion USD and hired around 10,000 in US alone. The company has planned major expansions in 2019 and is going to invest billions in data centers, offices and creation of new jobs. This means a lot to the people and communities in the areas where Google is going to invest. It will create new opportunities for the local communities and create thousands of new jobs. Google’s data centers alone contribute significantly to the local communities. Investing in US has helped Google find new talent, create jobs and opportunities as well as improve the services it offers and also strengthen its own business.

The company announced yesterday, it was going to invest around $19 billion in its data centers and offices across US. It has major expansion plans for 14 states. This investment will allow the company to hire new employees (tens of thousands of them) and create more than 10,000 construction jobs across several states including Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia. With its fresh investment and expansion plan, Google will have offices cross 24 states and data centers in 13 communities. 2019 marks the second year of Google’s rapid expansion outside the San Francisco Bay area.

Data Centers play a central role in driving the efficiency of the google products people around the world use on a daily basis. The servers inside these data centers operate round the clock to support many of Google’s services. They are a key support behind the provision of Google’s cloud services. The efficiency of these data services has helped Google achieve higher performance with less energy consumption. Google lists 16 data centers on its website, Nine in the Americas, Two in Asia and Five in Europe.

Across all the four regions, Midwest, South, Northeast and West, Google is planning to open several new offices and data centers. In the Midwest, it is expanding its presence in Chicago and developing new data centers in Ohio and Nebraska. According to US news, Google will invest $600 million in developing its Ohio city data center. In South too, several new offices and data centers will open across Georgia, Virginia, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Google’s workforce in Georgia and Virginia will double with the opening of new offices. Virginia will have a new data center and Texas too apart from a new office while Oklahoma and South Carolina based data centers will expand.

In the NorthEast, Massachusetts and NewYork will also see new properties opening. Massachusetts has one of Google’s largest sales and engineering communities outside the Bay area. Google is going to open new office space there. The Google Hudson Square campus, a major product, engineering and business hub will be operational within 2 years. Google is also making major investments in the West. Apart from opening the first data center in Nevada, Google will also expand its Washington office which is a key product and engineering hub. The other areas were Google is making major investments include the Bay area, the Westside Pavilion in California and the Spruce Goose Hangar in Los Angeles.