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 Marketing Mix of Google

Google’s name has become a synonym for search. However, apart from search engine, Google is active in other areas too.  There is a tall list of products and services made by Google. Android phones, tablets, social media, mail, internet browser and the list of Google products goes on. If you work online, you know how much you use Google daily. Its search, Chrome browser and Gmail are most popular products that are used by millions daily. It processes 40,000 search queries a second and that translates to around 3.5 billion searches a day and the yearly figure is in trillions.  This is how Google serves the planet. However, there is much more to know about the products and services of Google.

This marketing mix of Google presents an analysis of Google products, its distribution channels and the prices they are available for as well as how it promotes them.


As already mentioned, the list of Google products is lengthy. From search engine to android phones and online advertising there are is a large list of its products.

Google Search: Get immediate answers to your queries online through your laptop or phone.

Google Maps: Google maps have made life easier for the taxi drivers specially and lost riders. Get GPS navigation, traffic alerts, directions and much more..

Google Translate: Translate in more than 100 languages by speaking, scanning, typing or drawing.

Google chrome: Considered the fastest and smartest, simplest and most secure browser suitable for the needs of the modern web users.

YouTube: Originally founded by three Paypal employees, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, Youtube was bought by Google in 2006. It has enriched Google’s portfolio in social media.  Youtube is home to millions of videos uploaded by users around the world.

Chromecast: Users can cast movies, music and more from your phones to their televisions using the chromecast.

Google Pixel: A smart new phone by Google being considered a potent competitor for Samsung’s galaxy and iphone.

Gmail: Email by Google. Most favoured e-mail service for billions of users globally. Has the smartest mail features.

Google Plus: Google plus is a social media platform by Google. While compared to Facebook and Twitter, Google plus has not performed so well, still it is used by millions who can form groups and follow trends here.

These were some of the most known products by Google. However, this is just a part of the list because there are more products and services like Google analytics, Google docs and more for individuals, businesses and web developers. Google’s Adsense is the best and biggest online advertising network and a simple and easy way for the webmasters to earn money by placing ads on their websites. Google is also in the clouds. Users can easily store their documents in the clouds from Google drive. At the end you cannot miss Google Nexus phone, Google scholar and Google play. Google also makes operating systems that are a good option against windows or Mac OS. Google has also partnered with several laptop brands to make and sell its Chromebooks. The Chromebooks are optimized for Google products and run on Chrome OS. They are considered a smart option for the students and professionals.


Google products are mostly used online from laptops, tablets and smartphones. Use the chrome browser to surf the web and mail your friends and colleagues using Gmail. Save and share your photos and updates or follow others on Google plus. Apart from it, Google Halo and Google Duo can be used for messaging and video calling from your phone.  Individual users can stock and organize their photos online using Google Photos. Google scholar is a large database of scholarly articles that students and researchers can access online.

At least this is how individuals can use Google products and services online. There is much more for professional users. Webmasters can use the Google webmasters account to keep track of their website and manage its position online. For the businesses, there are several online services like Adsense, Adwords, Google analytics, Admob, Google maps for work and similar several other services that they can use online. Developers too have multiple options for managing their work like cloud computing, app testing, user engagement, etc. This was the list of Google products to be used online. Its Nexus and Pixel phones are sold through multiple websites and stores.  Its Chromebooks are available online and offline through stores.


Google has used a smart and competitive pricing strategy to fit its customers’ needs. In case of most of its products and services, one can note that Google does not lose focus of its customers’ convenience. Whether it is its chromebook or adwords, customers always come first Google. Chromebooks are highly competitive in terms of pricing as compared to the other laptops. So, the focus of its pricing strategy is best utility at most competitive prices. Google drive and Google docs are available free for individual users who can store upto 15GB without paying any price. Beyond that Google has made its drive features available at attractive prices. Its G-suite plan is available for individual and business uses for as little as $5 and $10. Google Nexus has also been priced smartly against Samsung’s galaxy and other premium smartphone models. Thus, Google has used a smart pricing strategy overall to reach all segments of users. Even in terms of adwords it as used a smart pricing strategy to serve all categories of advertisers. Suppose a small business is trying to run an advertising campaign. It can run a campaign for as little as a thousand dollars.


In terms of promotion, you will come across several products and services from Google daily while working online. These products have become just as household name as Google everywhere. Chrome and Gmail and household names because they are used so widely that on one would need to ask twice. However, despite it, Google is trying to expand its reach further by spending a fortune on advertising and promotion. Google search is now available in several languages. It is being promoted actively and aggressively in Asian Markets. Google’s television advertisements inform the users of how they can use the search feature to do various things and keep themselves informed. These ads inform users of the search feature and maps which can be used in daily life easily in their own language just by speaking into their phone’s microphone. Now, Google is such a household name and still it spends millions on promotion.  The reason is to deepen user engagement. In 2013, its US ad budget was $569 million of which it spent a whopping 78% on television alone.  Not just in US, in UK and Asia too Google has increased its ad budget. In this way, Google is actively using digital channels and the television to promote its brand and services internationally.