Spotify Marketing Mix: 7 Ps

In this article, we will analyze the marketing mix of Spotify including the four Ps in its marketing mix. We will also analyze the promotional strategy of the music streaming platform in brief and its growth strategy. Our lives continue to be transformed by digital technology from work to fun and all other spheres of … Read more

John Deere Marketing Mix

In this post, we will analyze the four Ps of marketing Mix for John Deere, a US based manufacturer of agricultural, forestry and construction equipment. John Deere: An Introduction John Deere manufactures heavy equipment for the construction, agriculture and forestry industries. The John Deere brand includes a family of more than 25 brands. The company … Read more

Subway Marketing Mix

Subway is a leading fast-food chain with a strong global presence. The QSR brand enjoys strong brand awareness and heavy popularity in various corners of the world. Before the pandemic, there used to be more than 40,000 subway locations globally. However, there number has reduced in 2022. Now, there are 36,900 Subway locations operational around … Read more

Wendy’s Marketing Mix

Wendy’s is among the most well known QSR brands, and headquartered in the United States. The QSR company has achieved impressive growth in recent years. As of the January of 2022, Wendy’s had a total of 6,949 restaurants operational globally, the majority of which were located in the United States. A large number of Wendy’s … Read more

ASOS Marketing Mix: Seven Ps

ASOS: An Introduction ASOS is among the leading online fashion retailers in the world catering to a global audience of twenty somethings. It sells a vast array of fashion labels including its inhouse labels and several more well-known and less known labels. Founded in 2000, ASOS is a British brand with its headquarters in London, … Read more

Dollar General Marketing Mix

About Dollar General: An Introduction Dollar General is among the most well-known retail brands operating across 46 states in the United States. The retail brand has been serving customers in the US for more than 80 years. J. L. Turner founded the company in 1939 when it was called J.L. Turner and Son, Wholesale. The … Read more

Domino’s Pizza marketing mix

About Domino’s Pizza: An Introduction Founded in 1960, Domino’s is the largest pizza store chain in the world with 18,848 stores as of January 2022. The company sells pizza in more than 90 countries. Domino’s Pizza has adopted a largely Franchisee operated business model which is operated mainly by independent franchisees. According to the latest … Read more

Mondelez International Marketing Mix

About Mondelez International: Mondelez International is among the leading brands in the food industry that sells a wide range of snacks, chocolates, cheese, grocery and powdered beverages products. It aims to become the largest snacks brand in the world with a focus on growth, execution and culture. In the year 2020, the company has achieved … Read more

Snapchat Marketing Mix

Snapchat is an instant messaging app owned by Snap Inc. Snap Inc defines itself as a camera company. Its core product is Snapchat. It is a camera application, people can use to communicate visually with friends using videos and images. These short messages are called Snaps. One key feature of these Snaps is that they … Read more