Check Availability Zones using AWS CLI

How to check AWS availability zones using AWS CLI When you create an instance in EC2 or Lightsail, you would like to select the right availability zone for the instance like us-east-1-a. You want to create an instance in the region that is closest to your audience. For that, you must the region where you … Read more

AWS Lightsail instance with Nginx server (using AWS CLI)

How to create a Lightsail Instance running NGINX webserver (using AWS CLI) Most of the tasks in AWS performed using AWS management console like running EC2 or lightsail instances, creating cloudfront distributions or editing Route 53 records, can also be done using the AWS CLI from the command line. In this post, we will discuss … Read more

Establish SFTP Connection using Cyberduck

How to Establish SFTP connection to a server using Cyberduck You can establish SFTP connection to your server using Cyberduck for uploading and downloading files in mainly two ways. One of the methods is to use a password to establish a connection and the other is to use a SSH provate key. In many cases, … Read more

AWS lightsail with Apache Server

How to create AWS Lightsail Instance with Apache server installed AWS Lightsail is a great option for running a wide variety of websites and apps. From Wordpress to other CMS like Ghost, joomla, Magenta, Joomla, Node.js and Wordpress multisite, you have options to install and run any of them on a windows or linux server … Read more

One-Click Wordpress on Digital Ocean

Install Wordpress site on digital ocean droplet with one click Digital Ocean is a well-known name in the field of cloud hosting and offers a nice range of cost effective solutions for quickly deploying your website/app to the clouds. You also have a vast number of customized options in the Digital Ocean marketplace, which will … Read more

Wordpress on Azure

Install  Wordpress on Azure VM Instance Azure (Microsoft’s Cloud offering) offers a nice range of VM instances for various types of workloads that you can use to bring a website online in minutes. These instances can be great if you want to host wordpress and run your own blog using Azure VM Instance. While, it … Read more

Install Apache Web server on Azure VM instance

How to run a static website on Azure VM instance using Apache Server and Ubuntu 22.04 Azure offers a nice range of VM instances suited for various types of workloads. Starting from $3.8 per month (Bs Series), it has options available in varying price ranges. The process of instance creation through the Azure console is … Read more

IPV6 address for your EC2 instance

Assigning IPV6 address to an existing EC2 instance With IPV6 picking up in recent years, it is now more sensible to also have a IPV6 address for your website. If you have one hosted on AWS EC2, you can get an IPV6 address with just a little bit of work. The good news is that … Read more

Repair and Optimize WP-Database with WP-CLI

Repair and optimize wordpress database without a plugin using WP-CLI The wordpress database has a central role in terms of site speed. If your site is loading slower, you may need to take a look inside your database. You can look inside the tables included in your database to find out the issue and if … Read more