Blogging to share information and grow user base

21st century has seen a boom in online services. Apart from e-commerce, several other categories of online services have also emerged including entertainment, gaming and several more. More and more businesses are using online tools for marketing and promotions. If yours is an online business, you would like to grow your user base. For this purpose, you can utilise several channels including social media, paid advertising and search advertising. 

Growing your user base can be easier if you use a blog to market your business and to promote your products or services and grow your customer base. Blogs are mainly considered tools of promotion. However, they serve many more useful purposes. A blog can serve as a multi purpose marketing channel for small, medium and big businesses. Using them to inform and empower customers will help you grow your customer base faster and find more growth in the market.

Share Information Using Blogs

Customers often search for information online. Blogs are considered a reliable source of information. Companies can use blogs to share information with their customers and to educate them on important topics and concerns and keep them informed.  Blogs do not just contain information upon your products and services or customer service, but they can include more on related topics as well. Suppose you have an online entertainment services agency and you want to grow your user base. You can blog about your services and on broader topics.

You can share information upon the services specifically you offer as well as entertainment industry and related areas. You can share informational videos apart from promotional videos on your blog. This will help grow brand awareness and user engagement. Even if you own a healthcare business, using a blog will help you connect with a larger customer base.

 You can post updates from time to time to make people aware of rising health concerns. Such blogs can also include posts on healthy lifestyle tips and how to keep better care of your and your family’s health. While this will grow awareness of your brand, it will help you grow trust and expand your market. Not just online businesses, but those run through physical stores will also benefit from owning a blog.

Grow your subscription base using blogs

A blog can help you grow your subscription base. Companies can use several blogs if they are serving many countries or many market segments. Take for example Facebook which touches distinct user segments using different blogs.

 It has a blog dedicated to developers and another to general audience. Amazon is also using various blogs to target various geographic markets. Apart from sharing information through blog posts, you can use these pages as subscription channels. 

People reading your blog posts can  be directed to your website to become subscribers. 

Sometimes you can add deals, discounts and offers and promote them through your blog to grow the number of subscribers. Take for example, news and media sites or magazine sites. These sites have special offers for their blog readers. 

Businesses outside news, media and education can also reap the advantages of blogging. If you post regularly, your subscriber base will grow. When you release a new product/service, your blog posts will reach a larger number of people leading to higher publicity. Moreover, blogs can function as sales channels. If your service includes weekly/monthly/annual plans, you can promote them on your blog to gain customers and grow your sales.