Apology email to the customer over unavailability

Suppose you are the customer service manager for an e-retail website. Write an apology email over the unavailability of ordered item.

Dear Mr Smith,

Please accept my sincere apologies on behalf of our company. One of the items you had ordered online is currently unavailable. I am sorry that we could not notify you earlier before you placed your order. The problem was discovered at the seller’s end a little late. This item had gone out of stock a week ago but the automated system did not send a notice because of technical glitch. The seller will be able to make it available again in a few weeks. Meanwhile, we regret the inconvenience. However, we can guarantee that one piece of the item will stay reserved for you in case you would like to place the order again.  I am including a special discount coupon with this mail. Please feel free to redeem it when ordering next time. The price of this item numbered ..234cvbb… has been refunded to your account and rest of the ordered items will be delivered by their specified dates.

 Please feel free to contact me over mail or phone, if you would like to speak to us. We wish to see our customers fully satisfied when shopping with us. In case of any trouble or complaint please feel free to notify us using your account. I and my team are available to help you round the clock with your concerns.


John McLane

Customer Service Manager