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Apology email to the customer for shipment delay.

While companies work hard to keep their customers satisfied and deliver orders placed online in a timely manner, one or another reason can cause a delay and become a thorn in an otherwise happy relationship. Customer service managers must take responsibility for such issues and sincerely apologize to the customer to maintain the relationship. This helps at keeping your customers satisfied and prevent the relationship from breaking. Apart from offering a resolution, if possible you can strengthen your relationship with your customers by offering a proper discount or another reward. However, your mail should show that you value your customers and attend to their concerns seriously.

Sample Apology Email 1

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thanks for informing us about your undelivered order. Please accept my apologies on behalf of Smart Shopping LLC. We have checked to find out the reason why your shipment was delayed. The product was expected to be delivered by Friday but the shipment got delayed due to a routing error. Now, we have fixed the issue and expect it to be delivered by Sunday morning at your doorstep. However, we do regret any inconvenience caused due to the delay. Generally, such delays never happen but this time it was caused due to an error in our system which we got instantly fixed.

I have included a discount code worth $10 with this email which you can use while shopping with us next time. In case you would like to talk to us, please feel free to reach us at one of the toll-free numbers or through direct chat. We value our relationship with our customers and will ensure that we are doing everything to keep you satisfied.

Thanks for your patience. 

Yours Sincerely!


Customer Service Manager.

Sample Apology Email 2.

Dear Mrs. Roy,

This is regarding the complaint you filed this morning about the order delay. Please accept my apologies on behalf of my company. Due to a highly busy season, we are servicing a very large number of orders. Since the number of orders received this season is very high, our logistics and delivery function has been unable to handle order delivery with as much efficiency as it generally does. However, our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority and we have taken the help of a famous delivery agency to ensure prompt deliveries. We assure you that your order will be delivered at your doorstep latest by tomorrow morning. While such delays generally do not happen at our company, this time the number of orders we received was much higher than we have ever handled during busy seasons. 

I have also included a discount coupon of $5 for your next order. We hope the delay has not caused you too much inconvenience. In case you want to talk to use, please get in touch through one of the toll-free numbers. We value our relationship and will do everything to satisfy our valuable customers like you.


Yours Sincerely


Customer Service Manager

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