Analysis of Coca Cola Taste the Feeling Ad

Advertisement Analysis: Coca Cola Ad (Taste the Feeling)

Coca Cola Taste the feelings ad is clearly targeted at the feelings and emotions of the millennial generation.  The ad opens with a view of a glass full of ice and coca cola. The view is followed by several wonderful moments of friendship, love and excitement. The ad portrays how much Coca Cola is there in everyone’s life and particularly the youth. No moment of love, fun and friendship is full without Coca Cola.  Coca Cola is the companion of fun and joy. A girl is skiing and the ad says – Ice with Friends, Friends with stories, stories with fire and fire with Coca Cola.

The ad takes us through several scenes of friendship and love. In the first scene a girl is skiing, then some friends are having fun together and later a guy and girl are kissing in the library. The ad is just made to affect your feelings. It makes you feel a bit nostalgic and miss moments of fun and love. There is a party scene and then a young couple sipping Coca Cola from the same bottle. At last it is ‘Coca Cola with feelings’ and even when you are alone Coca Cola is a great companion. The ad ends with a lad taking gulps of Coca Cola.

The target audience this ad is trying to connect with is that of the young customers – the millenials.  The lifestyle it is trying to promote is fun and hip. The context in which this ad is played is that of life in the youth. Young people are looking for fun and excitement and to throw boredom away. Coca Cola ad argues that it is your best partner in every moment whether you are having fun with your companions, celebrating with your girlfriend or even taking some time off to be with yourself.

The characters in the ad are selected from the audience the ad is targeting. It is young people – boys and girls having fun and partying. The ad assumes that its audience is already familiar with the brand and the drink. The purpose of the ad is brand recall. The images in the ad are picked from the regular life and represent the lifestyle of the millennial generation. The millennials are all about working hard and partying harder. The ad tries to connect with its feelings and tries to reflect the same passion that is found in the young generation. The ad in this way tries to argue that Coca Cola is made for  the youth and that people can add more joy into their lives simply by adding Coca Cola moments. The ad argues that each coca cola moment in your life is a moment of glory and excitement.

The opening scene has a glass labelled Coca Cola having ice and being filled with Coca Cola. Throughout the ad the label of Coca Cola flashed several times. This is a strategy used to drive brand recognition and brand recall. The use of the brand name also adds ethical appeal to the ad. Apart from it, the ad also uses pathos in plenty. All throughout the ad a song plays in the background.

“No one can stop me when I taste the feeling, nothing could ever bring me down”.

The Taste the feeling ad targets young emotions by playing their heart’s tune. Whether it is a party scene or a kissing scene inside the library the target are the young hearts. The ad is trying to associate the brand with the passion found in the young generation. “Ice with Coca Cola, Fire With Coca Cola”. Young hearts are a mix of fiery and cool emotions, plenty of zeal mixed with plenty of lava. However, Coca Cola is not just about fun.  The best thing about it is its taste and here comes the logos part of the ad. No drink is better than coca cola to quench your thirst and to satisfy your taste buds. Double the punch!

The following text plays with the Coca Cola ad,

“Ice with Coca Cola, Ice with friends

Friends with stories, Stories with fire

Fire with Coca Cola, Coca Cola with Music.

Music with Madness, madness with you

You with coca cola, coca cola with feelings… taste the feeling.

In this way, the text in the ad tries to strike a romantic connection with the young generation by connecting the drink with everything that is special to the young generation’s heart. Music,  fun, food and free time, nothing is free without Coca Cola. The values it espouses are that of the modern generation. The ad tries to relate with everything that reflects energy and madness.

The US culture values liberty and still believes in respecting others’ feelings. It is an individualistic society but still its social and cultural values are associated with love, energy and friendship. The ad relates with these cultural values and the feeling of experiencing momentous joy in every single moment. At the center of the ad is the youth and the values that it believes in. This generation believes in being a winner and with Coca Cola everyone is a winner and every moment a moment of victory. This is what the ad is trying to express. The first thing that the ad successfully does is to strike an instant connection with the young generation. Next, it also creates brand recall successfully. Such ads are targeted at customer engagement, retention as well as attracting new ones. By the beauty and simplicity of the ad it can be implied that it is successful at creating the effect it intends to.