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Advertisement analysis essay: Axe – Even Angels will fall

Ad Analysis essay based on Ad of Axe deodorant

Axe makes an entire range of grooming products for men. Its ads are generally known to contain some degree of steaminess.  In most of Axe ads there is a portrayal of how the Axe products can add to and magnify your masculine charm.  The theme is generally similar across most of the Axe deodorant ads. The focus is on how Axe helps you get undivided attention from the sexiest beauties. Undoubtedly, this is an exaggeration but nothing serves better in an advertisement than slight exaggeration. The Axe Excite ad also contains a similar theme. The theme of this ad is “Even Angels will fall”. In simpler words most of Axe deodorant ads have the same theme that is Axe makes you irresistible. Continuing the tradition of irresistibility, the Axe Excite ad takes the story a step further to the heavens.

The ad opens like the beginning of an action movie. People are sitting in open where something falls from the skies. They are held aback by the sudden fall and it slowly reveals that the fallen thing is an angel. One and then two and then a third one… angels keep falling from the sky. No one knows what is happening.  Five or six angels- all of them start moving in a particular direction. There is some suspense about where these angels are going? Here comes the climax – A slim and good looking young man stands beside his scooter. The angels were trying to reach him. What is so appealing about this young man? The angels pluck the disks on their heads and throw it down on the earth that  it breaks into pieces. They are now common women – common but sexy and charmed by the young man’s masculine appeal. Axe uses mild sex appeal in the ad to convey its message. At the end of the ad the mystery unveils. It is the new Axe Excite deodorant. Even the angels would not be able to resist.

In the modern age everyone wants to have a degree of physical charm that  makes him irresistible to others. It is not just about women that  use lots of make up. Even the men want to look their best at all the moments. Axe is just trying to exploit this weakness of young men in its ad. The ad is not too steamy but still has a bold theme.  The target audience of this ad is the modern young generation or the millennials. Like many other things in life physical appeal holds an important value for this generation.  To catch its attention, the ad first builds some suspenseful excitement like in the beginning of an action movie – something is about to happen.  Then it introduces the sexy. The sex appeal part is particularly aimed at the young generation and meant for people aged sixteen and above till the middle ages. When beautiful angels can fall; you cannot miss a product that makes you as irresistible. Whether you accept it or not, this is a particular weakness found in most men. All of them want to be so appealing that the sexiest chicks will fall for them. Here comes a product that has the potential to turn every bony zero into a hero. Its masculine fragrance will make you so charming that the most beautiful girls will not be able to resist. However, the problem is that to many of us who are keen eyed customers, it may appear like an exaggeration. It is why such ads have a limited influence and are able to impress only a part of the audience. Still, sex appeal can be effective at provoking the audience to get into action – particularly the young audience.

The Axe brand of men’s grooming products is a well known brand. The brand name and product are shown at the end of the ad. However. people are familiar with the brand. The brand does not try to gain credibility by using some celebrity. However, the brand name of Axe is sufficient to add credibility to the ad and thus make people recall its name and products.   The physical appeal part targets young emotions. Every youth wants to appear and feel charming and impressive. It has an important relation with their personal emotions. Each one wants to have a beautiful partner like the angels in the ad. This part strikes an instant connection with the audience’s personal emotions. At last comes the logos part or the logic behind Axe Excite. Physical appeal has become an important need in the modern  age. Every one wants to look and feel his best and impress others. The logic is that the masculine fragrance makes you more appealing to others than an average deodorant for men does.

In the Western culture such ads are not considered offensive. They also impress the audience because these cultures appreciate beauty and its demonstration to the right extent. Axe ad does not seem to be violating any particular cultural norms either. In the developed countries such ads are accepted and liked. However, they may be considered offensive by some audiences in  the Eastern or Middle Eastern nations. Angels and angelic beauty have an old association with the Western cultures and Axe beautifully mixes the old with the new to create something extraordinary.