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American Tourister Marketing Mix


American Tourister was founded by Sol Coffer in 1933. The founder dreamt of creating a tough suitcase that  could sell for a dollar. The company was acquired in 1993 by Samsonite. Now, American Tourister is a well recognized and leading brand name in the world of luggage, made famous throughout the globe by its attractive designs. The brand offers a large selection of superior quality travel luggage with fun and attractive designs and at an affordable price. Today, American Tourister sells across a large number of markets throughout the globe.


The brand has brought a large range of luggage for men, women and kids in varying sizes and colors. In terms of design, American Tourister is highly creative. This is also one of its central attractions.  It makes and sells bags, backpacks and suitcases. There is a large collection especially for kids which people can check on its website. There are many special collections dedicated to Disney, Marvel and StarWars characters as well. Apart from being attractive, these products are tough and durable.


American Tourister products sell in over 90 countries. It has a large number of stores in most of the Western countries. Apart from that, the brand also sells its products online through its own website. However, customers can find American Tourister products on other e-commerce websites like Amazon as well.


It was the dream of the American Tourister founder Sol Coffer to create a suitcase that was tough and priced affordably. Customers can easily find a large collection of luggage at American Tourister’s in the price range between $100 and $500. Based upon the quality and design, these products are quite affordably priced.


While its styles have made it famous all over the world, American Tourister also uses other promotional channels for marketing and promotions. Apart from television ads, the brand uses digital channels to promote its products. Its own website is also an important marketing channel apart from the other e-commerce websites that sell American Tourister products. Marketing has played an important role in driving the worldwide growth of this brand. American Tourister also uses celebrities from sports and cinema for promotions.