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Zara social media strategy

Social Media Strategy of fashion Brand Zara

Zara has become a famous brand name in the world of fashion. It is a Spanish fashion brand of clothing and accessories which has acquired global popularity. There are several reasons behind it. However, there are three important qualities that define Zara. First of all, it is known for the latest in fashion. Next, its products are affordable and third, it makes good quality products. Zara had started from a small store in Spain. Today, it  has become the largest fashion retailer. It is the flagship brand of the Inditex group. Over time, competition in the fashion industry has grown. With new competitors emerging, the level of competition has grown intenser.

 Zara had to find a strategy that could hep it do better than others. As a result, it focused upon customer engagement. Its main tool was social media. Social media has played an important role at improving customer engagement. The fashion industry is full of brand names. In order to increase their market share, they need to focus upon customer engagement. Zara has made very adept use of social media to deepen its relationship with the customers. Customer loyalty depends on how well a brand engages its customers.  Zara’s social media initiative has got an edge. The way it used social media generated both excitement and publicity.


The first important step it took was to engage the customers on Facebook. It achieved two things from its Facebook account. It successfully attracted customers in larger numbers. Second, it successfully generated the kind of excitement it wanted to. Its Facebook page has more than 7.5 billion fans. However, very little official content is posted on its Facebook page. Mostly, it is the clothes that do the talking. Zara regularly uploads its latest collections to its Facebook account. This keeps the customers engaged and interested.

In this way, Zara engaged its customers and reduced the competitive threat. Facebook has some unique benefits for the business marketers. It has  a very large customer base, larger than any of the social media sites. People can easily follow their favourite brands.  Pictures and videos can be uploaded and showcased in a beautiful manner. Zara made use of all these features to prepare its beautiful fashion showcase. This made Zara’s popularity grow instantly. Another purpose that was solved with Facebook was that Zara could inform customers of the latest fashion and styles immediately. So, the vast reach that Facebook can afford worked in Zara’s favour.

Instagram and Twitter

However, Zara’s social media strategy does not stop at Facebook. It moved on to engage its customers at several other stops. Another website Zara successfully used was Instagram. Instagram helped it connect with a larger number of fans and followers. Its Facebook and Instagram strategy helped it create higher awareness and buzz. Instagram also has a large number of followers. Customers were excited to find Zara, one of their favorite brands on Instagram. Like Facebook, it helped Zara showcase its styles and designs before millions. The next stop for Zara was Twitter. Twitter connected Zara with millions of its fans and followers. In the recent years, Twitter has become a favorite of business marketers that keep posting the latest updates on it.

Twitter is not just about showcasing your products. It is more about engaging the customers. Followers are excited to receive the latest tweets from people and brands they follow. There are more than 1.22 million followers of Zara on Twitter. Zara formulated a successful social media strategy. In its comparison, the traditional retailers have failed badly. Its case can be a great example for the other fashion brands.  For any business brand trying to be popular among its customers, a social media strategy is a must. However, the difference lies in the execution. The way Zara executed its social media strategy was an instant hit. The notable thing is that Zara is using social media actively for promotion. Its YouTube page has more than 50 videos promoting its brand and products.

Zara People

Apart from engaging customers on the social media sites, Zara has used the web to expand its influence very well. It has created a website called ‘Zara People’. On this site, it asked its customers to post their photos in Zara products. This was an exciting idea and customers flocked to the site. Zara selects only the best pictures to be showcased. It is more like being the part of a competition for the customers. Everyone wants his picture to be selected and showcased on Zara site. This strategy has brought Zara into the category of most successful social media marketers. Its social media strategy has worked in the real terms. Zara has also derived excellent results in the form of higher sales and a larger customer base.


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