Why use an inventory management software

Many businesses around the globe deal with challenges related to inventory management. Any business that makes or sells goods must manage its inventory. Inventory management refers to the purchase, storage, and movement of goods including raw materials, components, and finished goods. To manage inventory successfully, which is critical to improving business performance, businesses need to have a robust inventory management system in place to guide their inventory management practices. When digital solutions were not available and inventory management was to be done manually involving lots of paperwork, businesses found the task cumbersome and labor intensive. However, now there are several inventory management solutions available to ease the burden on businesses related to inventory management.

Now, businesses around the globe use digital inventory management solutions to track and manage inventory. They use inventory management software to manage their stock due to the several benefits it offers in terms of inventory tracking and management. There are many significant benefits for businesses to be derived from inventory management software including but not limited to increased profitability, superior business insights, improved customer experience and higher efficiency. For businesses managing stock at a very large scale, like the large retail brands, such software is indispensable. However, in case of smaller or medium sized businesses too, inventory management software helps streamline processes and increase productivity.

Here are the main benefits that businesses can derive using inventory management software.

Advantages of using inventory management software:

Increased productivity:

When businesses take an organized and systematic approach to inventory management, they are able to produce more in less time. With an inventory management software, businesses can track and manage inventory in less time. Anyone can check the status of inventory, goods selling in larger volumes, goods that are slow to sell, access supplier information and also connect to other apps including payments apps for invoicing.

Superior profitability:

Businesses can use inventory management software to increase their profitability and to improve their overall financial performance. Inventory management software can help businesses gain critical insights into the performance of individual products to know which of the company’s products have gained higher popularity among customers and which ones are not performing well in the market. Businesses can use these insights to invest in products that perform well in the market and which can increase the company’s revenues. Inventory management software also helps at understanding demand patterns and these insights can be used to make better products and grow sales and profitability. Using an inventory management software means making more informed decisions related to marketing and sales which can grow the company’s profits.


Higher ease in terms of inventory processing: –

Inventory management software can make inventory processing easier for businesses. It makes inventory processing a lot simpler by helping businesses track inventory volume and related costs which can save businesses a lot of time. Businesses get a clearer view of the movement of stock which is important for good inventory management. The inventory management software makes it easier to track inventory and update its status in real time which allows for quicker processing and selling times. The software also helps businesses with overstocking and understocking. It ensures that there is never too much inventory to move.

Reduced chances of deadstock or expired inventory:

Using inventory management software also helps prevent wastage and reduce the chances of deadstock. Businesses must use FIFO to deal with inventory which is an inventory management method. It means First In First Out. Businesses should sell the inventory that will age first and stock inventory categorized by date. This is especially important for businesses dealing in perishable goods. One of the several advantages of using inventory management software is that it helps deal with aging inventory with ease and companies can sell such stock before it becomes deadstock and makes them lose money. In this way, inventory management software helps companies save money and prevent wastage of inventory.

Automated inventory management: –

Using inventory management software also helps automate several of the inventory management processes and deal with human errors which can otherwise prove costly for businesses. Software does not just automate the task of counting inventory but also provides real time data and the status of inventory in stock. The managers and sales reps will have access to accurate information all the time and a lot of tasks that are quite time consuming when done manually can be avoided or performed with much ease with software. Managers will also find it easier to track the expenses and perform necessary calculations without chances of error.


Improved customer service:

Inventory management software can also help businesses improve customer service. Every business wants to maximize customer satisfaction and for that purpose it is essential to offer the customers what they want and when they want it with appropriate quality. Businesses can easily track which products are in higher demand and enjoying more popularity. The inventory management software will automatically send you updates whenever the level of such inventory is low. It helps deliver the right products to the customer in time, which is important for customer satisfaction and maintaining loyalty. Otherwise, if a business makes delayed deliveries, customers will switch to other businesses. Inventory management software offers more precise data about products and services your customers want and offers insights into purchasing behavior which can be used to provide better in store service to customers and to grow loyalty.

Reduced chances of stock outs:

The chances of stock outs are reduced when a company uses an inventory management software. Stock out happens when the demand for a particular product increases unexpectedly, resulting in sell out of the product and end of stock. In such a situation, the company will need to place the order afresh, and restocking might take time. Companies can avoid such a situation with the help of inventory management software.

When businesses use inventory management software for tracking inventory they remain ready for such situations. Apart from automatic real time updates related to inventory quantity and valuation, the software also sends low stock alerts which help businesses stay prepared. In this way, inventory management software also helps businesses balance supply and demand better.

Higher accuracy in terms of tracking business expenses:

Tracking inventory related costs and expenses is also an important part of inventory management. When businesses use an inventory management software, it becomes easier for them to generate reports about total sales, taxes and other important financial information that helps them track their costs and revenue. So, in terms of accounting and financial management of inventory, such software can prove to be highly helpful. You can check out when you conduct your inventory audit that it matches the financial information in your records. Keeping track of all the costs and expenses, helps you grow your revenue.

A few last words about inventory management software:

In this hypercompetitive era, inventory management is not possible without the use of digital inventory management tools including inventory management software. While in case of smaller businesses, a simple spreadsheet might be sufficient, there are several aspects of inventory management, which cannot be performed properly without the help of an inventory management software. This software has some excellent features which makes inventory tracking and processing a lot simpler for businesses. From inventory tracking to inventory valuation and real time updates, such software offers several advantages that can help businesses better manage the flow of inventory down the value chain. However, the advantages are not limited only to managing inventory but businesses can also gain critical insights from such software which can drive sales higher and help businesses know the areas where marketing efforts might need to be improved.

Businesses invest in inventory management software and tools to gain a competitive advantage since managing inventory successfully can strengthen the market position of a business by driving customer satisfaction higher. Inventory management is a critical part of any large or small business dealing in stock. Automating various parts of inventory management can help businesses ease their burden and help them save time and money. Investing in these software and tools is also profitable in terms of competitive strength since businesses can streamline their operations and grow their efficiency. There are several such software available in the market and many of them are highly cost efficient solutions for inventory control.