Walmart net sales and total revenue

The chart above displays the net sales and total revenue of Walmart from 2010 to fiscal 2023. The total revenue of the company includes its net sales and the income from membership fees and other sources. In 2023, the total net revenue of Walmart reached $611.83 billion including net sales worth $605.88 billion and $5.4 billion from membership and other sources. Walmart experienced 6.7% increase in its total revenue in 2022 compared to the last year.

Net revenues of Walmart Inc 2007-2023 

Amounts are in millions

YearNet SalesWalmart net revenues (M)
2018$495,761 $500,343
2017$481,317 $485,873
2016$478,614 $482,130
2014$473,076 $476,294
2013$465,604 $468,651
2012$443,416 $446,509
2011$418,500 $421,849

The net revenues of Walmart Inc grew to $572.75 billion in fiscal 2022 compared to $559.15 billion in 2021. Walmart generated $470.3 billion from its US operations in 2022 compared to $436.65 billions in 2021. Its revenues from its US operations were $102.46 billion in 2022 compared to $122.5 billion in 2021.

Walmart is the largest physical retailer based in the United States.

2018 :

Revenue of Walmart crossed the 500 Billion mark for the first time in its history.

Walmart’s 2018 revenue reached 500.3 Billion dollars and Net Sales 495.8 Billion Dollars. Apart from the sales of retail items, Walmart also earns from memberships and other sources of income. The net sales only represent the sales of retail products. Total revenue includes the income from the sale of memberships and other sources.

Walmart 2017:

This year’s (2017) performance is the best for Walmart till now. It was the strongest performance ever driven by the growing number of Walmart stores. The annual revenue approached 486 billion with operating income reaching nearly $22.8 billion. The brand operated nearly 11700 stores that serve more than 260 million people. 2015 was also an year of  great financial performance when its revenue reached higher than 485 billion dollars. Again there was a  fall in 2016 when revenue declined by more than 3 billions and then rose again in 2017. Otherwise, Walmart’s revenue has kept rising consistently since 2001. As of 2017, Walmart operated 11695 stores in 28 countries and  e-commerce websites.