Vodafone Vision Statement: an analysis

Vodafone is a leading telecom brand of the world. It has maintained strong presence in the Asian and European markets. The company has also achieved fast growth in its customer base in India. Due to the growing competition in the telecom industry, it has made some significant changes to its business and marketing strategies in the recent years. Let’s have a look at the vision statement of Vodafone which also reflects its future course of business.

Our vision sets out our ambition to deliver connectivity and innovative services to improve people’s livelihoods and quality of life. Central to achieving this vision is our long-standing commitment to manage our operations responsibly and ethically.

Vodafone further lays down its vision in two parts :-

Delivering transformational solutions

Mobile technology is improving livelihoods and people’s quality of life globally. We are exploring commercial opportunities where our products and services can bring further benefits to society and we are researching the potential for our technology to further contribute to sustainable living.

Operating responsibly

Operating responsibly is essential to our licence to operate and delivers commercial advantages to our business, helping to turn potential risks into opportunities. By acting with honesty and integrity we can secure the trust of our customers, which is integral to the long-term success of our business.

Vodafone has gone in great details in its vision statement which is a combination of its mission and vision statements. The vision statement of Vodafone lays out Vodafone’s ambition to become a leading and responsible player in the telecom industry and to serve the society and community with its technological resources. It mainly lays out the role of mobile technology and how it is helping societies around the world grow while also offering the technology players chances for commercial growth.

In the second part of the statement, the highest emphasis is on ethics and being a socially responsible player. However, the company did not include any information about its competitive position in the world market against its rivals and its financial position or key markets. Vision statement is associated with business strategy and the future of a business. It is also an integral part of decision making and resource allocation. Including information regarding target markets, customer segment and key competitors helps decision makers align their decisions with the organization’s mission and vision.

Vodafone is serving a large customer base in Asia and Europe. India, UK, Germany and Italy are among its core markets. It has experienced a sharp growth in its customer base in India and is expecting to grow its revenue and customer base in most markets in near future through the use of latest technologies and by focusing on customer engagement. Vodafone’s strong presence in key markets and its strong technological resources are its main strengths. The company is competing with several leading players in various markets. With growing competition, Vodafone has also intensified its focus on research and innovation as well as customer management.

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