Uber Social Media Marketing Strategy

Uber Social media strategy

Social media has become the new battleground for marketers.

Whether it is about marketing or customer engagement, social media has successfully helped many brands increase their market share by helping them grow their number of fans and followers and strike a stronger connection with them.

For many, it is the backbone of their marketing strategy. You want to find a huge number of customers at single stop, try social media. It is why all the big brands have formulated smart social media strategies. They are using their social media accounts to deepen their connection and reach.

Customer engagement has become the key to successful business and there are very few tools which are as effective at engaging customers as the social media. Uber has also left its mark in this field by using the various social media stops to churn excitement regularly.

You already know how well it exploits the networking effect to maximize profits and satisfaction for both its suppliers and customers. If these networking trends have proved profitable in the real sense for any company or brand, then it is Uber. It uses its app to make the most of networking. In terms of social media too, Uber has been able to achieve something equally great. 


Uber’s first stop is Facebook where it has more than 8 million followers. Even Ford has less than 8 million followers in its main Facebook account. Uber’s Facebook account is more of a broadcasting account to inform customers of all the latest deals and offers. Still, such a use of social media can provide you with deeper connection and reflects the kind of satisfaction the brand has generated in the few years it has been around.

Facebook is a major social media stop for the big brands. Uber relays its deals, discounts and new rides and riding arrangements through its Facebook account to the large base of followers. Another important thing that Uber does via its Facebook account is to address the customer complaints. Here is how Uber uses its Facebook account to deal with customer issues. The customer representatives at Uber dig into the issues posted via Facebook and respond to them by providing clarification and guidance. Check the screenshot below on how they sort out customer issues in India:

This shows how social media can be used to address customer complaints and manage customer relationships better. There have been several complaints in the past regarding Uber’s unavailability when it comes to addressing complaints. However, it seems that Uber has started using social media channels to address this issue.

Social media can be an effective channel for both the customers to raise their concerns and brands to respond to them. Many times customers may feel lost even when customer service channels are available. In such cases, nothing is better than social media to resolve concerns in real time. Uber has a vast network of drivers and loyal customers. Facebook can be a major help towards addressing all the issues effectively and maximizing customer satisfaction. Social media is shaping a smarter world of marketing. Its efficient use could bring even smarter results for Uber.


Uber has not stopped at Facebook in its customer connection formula. Its customer connection has grown deeper with Twitter. It has 698K followers on twitter. There are a few really great things about Twitter. In certain areas it can provide better exposure than Facebook. Particularly, when it comes to posting videos and pics, Twitter posts look very glamorous. Moreover, they flow like news posts.

There are informational uses of Twitter. The followers can be informed of the new deals and discounts using pictures and videos. Even the videos are easier to watch right from the account. This is why Twitter is an excellent stop for marketers who are trying to maximize their brand’s impact. Uber has made more than 14K tweets. Tweeting and getting retweeted, it all is a part of the networking effect that works in Uber’s favor.


An Instagram account is also a must for the marketers trying to deepen their reach. Uber’s beautiful showcase on Instagram has 433K followers. Sometimes stories are better told in pictures. Uber is one of the greatest stories of 21st century. Instagram has helped thousands of brands deepen their influence and get closer to customers by showcasing themselves beautifully. It is also a sizable part of the entire impact Uber generates through social media. Uber has shared 477 images with its followers in its Instagram account.


The biggest video sharing site has its own benefits when it comes to marketing and deepening your customer connection. Uber’s Youtube account has an appreciable number of followers. As 2017 begins, there are more than 88,500 followers of the brand on YouTube. It has posted 989 videos till date which have gathered more than 40 million views. Its YouTube channel is a significant part of its social media strategy that has helped it market its brands as well as attract and engage customers better. Time to time it posts new videos that serve both advertising and customer engagement purposes.

Apart from these channels, Uber has also utilized the other channels like Pinterest to broaden its base of followers. 21st century has seen much of the fight going on away from the main field. Social media has served as the ‘one stop’ for marketers where they can find solutions to their marketing and branding related problems. It seems Uber knows the power of networking well; both online and offline. It is using it on both points to maximize its impact. Social media is amplifying the brands’ voice and helping them be heard and viewed by millions at once.


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