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Starbucks CSR Strategy

Starbucks CSR strategy : Engaging Neighborhoods, Communities, Customers and Suppliers

Since Starbucks was founded in the year 1971, its focus has been on earning the trust and respect of the customers, partners and the community.  The brand has always strived to prove its commitment to helping the communities where it does business. It strives to help communities so as to make a positive impact around the world in the parts where it operates. In this regard, it has proved itself innovative using its scale and global reach to create a bigger impact than others. Its focus on environment and sustainability is clear from its CSR policy. It has always tried to find ways that  help it minimise its impact on the environment, to tackle climate change and to inspire the other brands to follow. It has started initiatives to support the communities it does business with and to support local people.

Around the world, Starbucks is committed to being a good neighbour  and partner. It brings together its customers, partners and their communities for position action globally. Coffee and tea communities are an important partner for the brand. In this regard, it has partnered with Tata, an Indian brand to support the SWASTHA project. Swastha is a school for children with special needs. The brand has also continued to invest in Tea companies and communities in India and Guatemala.  Worldwide the brand is also working with the local communities through the local service programs. It also supports local businesses and artists near its stores through its community programs. Another important area where Starbucks has take firm steps is ethical sourcing. It sources more than 99% of its coffee ethically. It is doing so in order to create the best future for farmers.

The brand is committed to buying and serving the best quality and responsibly grown coffee from coffee farmers. Diversity is also an important focus at Starbucks where it focuses on bring people from diverse cultures and backgrounds together. It is also a part of Starbucks business strategy and reflects in every part of its business. the focus of its diversity strategy is on four areas including partners, communities, customers and suppliers. Through its supplier diversity program, the brand engages minority and women owned suppliers. The diversity program also helps the brand connect with the customers in a cultural relevant way. Through this program it works to deepen its relationships with local neighbourhoods and global communities. In this way, you can see that the brand has extended its support to and engaged key stakeholders through its CSR program very well.