Similarities between Victor and the monster

Trace the similarities between Victor and the monster. Consider their respective relationships with nature, desires for family, and any other important parallels you find. Do Victor and the monster become more similar as the novel goes on? How does their relationship with each other develop?

The creature that was born of Victor’s experiment is a monstrous anomaly. It was quite unlike what he had expected would be the outcome of the experiment. For he has created the monster, Victor is its father. However, while one is a natural being, the other is the disastrous and unnatural outcome of an experiment. Sadly, there are remarkable similarities between their lives. Both of them lead forlorn lives. Once he has created the monster, Victor keeps trying to run away from the society trying to hide himself. He thinks people would  consider his act a heinous crime for having created such a hideous creature. Both of them keep longing for their families. Victor longs to see his family but soon after he starts running from the monster he is informed that  his brother has been murdered. The monster also wants a mate and implores and persuades Victor to create one. However, he is deeply agonized once Victor abandons the experiment. When Victor tries to get married, the monster kills his newly wed wife and Victor’s father also dies of grief.

So, the monster does not have a family and he does not let Victor have his own. Both the creature and its creator  start hating themselves in the novel. Both get to lead, lonely and forlorn lives.  Victor’s heart is being weighed down with remorse and the monster himself is leading a lonely life full of suffering and hatred. As the novel proceeds, several similarities can be marked between the lives of the two. However, unlike the monster, Victor is not bent at destruction. He still has a sense of morality and kindness in his heart. The monster does not have any kindness or a sense of morality or even a conscience.  Nonetheless, it seems he does have some sympathy for his creator for he avoids killing him and instead kills his near and dear ones. When the monster sees Victor it persuades him like his only relative to let him have a mate. His life without a mate is full of pain and suffering. By the end, life is a living hell for both the characters.  Victor repents having gone against the nature’s laws and the monster cannot stop punishing him for having given him this hell of a life. Theirs is a twisted relationship that gets as ugly as the monster itself. However, both lead abandoned lives and Victor’s situation is no better than that  of the monster.