Samsung Marketing Expenses

The chart above displays the marketing expenses of Samsung from 2010 to 2022 in Trillions of Korean Won.

The marketing expenses of Samsung include advertising costs and sales promotion costs. In 2022, the company spent 6.1 Trillion KRW on advertising and 7.1 Trillion KRW on sales promotions. Overall, the company spent 13.1 Trillion Korean Won on marketing in 2022. In the previous year, the company had spent total 11.7 Trillion Korean Won on marketing including 5.4 trillion KRW on advertising and 6.3 Tr KRW on sales promotions.

Advertising and Sales Promotion Expenses of Samsung 2010-2022

Samsung Electronics is a leading global consumer electronics and IT brand. Apart from them it is also a leading maker of semi-conductors and displays. The marketing expenses of Samsung include the advertising expenditure and the expenses on other types of sales promotion.

YearAdvertising Expenses (Tr. KRW)Sales Promotion expenses (Tr. KRW)

Samsung is a South Korea based manufacturer of smartphones, semiconductors, and electronics products. It is a global brand with a strong share in the smartphone market.
The business of Samsung is divided into four major segments including Consumer Electronics, IT & Mobile Communications, Device Solutions (Semi Conductors & Display) and Harman. IT & Mobile communications is the leading source of revenue for Samsung followed by Semiconductors and Consumer Electronics. The company spends a large sum each year on marketing of its brand and products. In 2018, it spent around 4 trillion Korean Won solely on advertising. Apart from that around 7.2 Trillion Korean Won were spent on sales promotions. Overall, the brand spent 11.2 Trillion KRW (more than 9.5 Billion USD) on marketing. (Samsung Annual Reports)