Sample Memo 1

Sample Memo : Internet Marketing of Brand and Products

To: John Smith, Marketing Executive

From: Adam Smith, Assistant Manager, Marketing.

Date: May 13, 2017

Subject: Internet marketing

Research and analysis shows that the marketing tools and methods our company utilizes for the promotion of its products and services need to be reassessed and changed. While most of our focus has remained on the traditional methods of advertising like print media and outdoor advertising, we have failed to utilize the digital tools to improve the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. Currently, the company allocates only 20% of its marketing budget to internet marketing. Research shows that around 70% of our target customers use internet and the social media heavily. Recent trends suggest that the company’s focus must be on internet and social media marketing. In this regard, it is important to formulate a social media strategy and invest more on internet marketing. Internet marketing provides us with better reach and more exposure for our brand. From online advertising to email marketing there are several methods which can help the company attract more customers and grow its customer base. The company’s own website can also be used for better marketing our products and services and provide the customers with detailed information on the quality and special features of our products.

However, based on the research we conducted, social media must be made an integral part of our marketing strategy.  A very large part of our customer segment visits social media sites regularly. It is why social media presence of the company is important. We can use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google+ to our advantage to market our brand and products and to engage our customers successfully. Marketing videos have grown highly popular during the recent years. Our competitors are also using them to grow their presence and recognition. These videos are a great tool to get prospective customers interested in our products. It is why we must create special videos for the purpose of marketing and promote them using our own website and the various social media channels.  The traditional channels are not any more effective in the age of social media and internet. So, we must reduce our expenditure on these channels.

By refocusing our marketing and advertising efforts we could at least double their impact. Since, most of our customers can be found online, most of our focus must be on the promotion of our brand and products on the web. This will provide us with improved reach and higher exposure. Tapping into these trends will help us acquire a larger market share and grow our brand recognition faster.