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Reasons Why You Should Use Video Marketing to Grow your Business

Video Marketing is trending. While you are doing your research on which marketing techniques to use, you may have noticed that businesses are already making and sharing videos online. For many businesses, videos are the core part of their digital marketing strategy.

Whether you are a small-sized start-up or a large company, video marketing is one of the most practical and compelling marketing strategies you don’t want to miss.

Videos help promote the brand creatively and help in converting anonymous visitors into potential leads. Since videos provide good results and a superior ROI, companies are using videos as one of the leading digital marketing tools. Before you start making videos, it is essential to know why they will make a difference and boost your sales. Videos are interactive, authentic, and expressive. Most importantly, audiences want you to show them, not tell them.

The statistics given below will convince you to use video for your next marketing campaign.

  • According to research, 87% of marketers agree that video offers superior ROI, generates more leads and conversions than any other content (Hubspot).
  • The most recommended types of videos for posting on social media are controversial, educational, entertaining, and live content.
  • Videos help to easily express emotions like laughing, crying, or being angry.

Video is the best way to connect with your audiences. Such marketing tips help you create informative, engaging, entertaining, and promotional content to attract your target audience. This post will help you understand why you should use videos to grow your business on social media and drive visitors to your website.

Videos help to expand reach on social media platforms

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in their pockets, giving them opportunities to search for whatever and get results in seconds. Your product or service can be the solution your audiences are looking for.

Social media is the best place to start! Movies have always engaged viewers. The same applies to marketing videos. If the viewer engages with your content and likes it, there are chances that he might share it with their family and friends. You can also plan a budget for spending on promoting your brand with paid ads on social media. It is easy to reach the right audience with videos.

The only question that comes to our mind is what type of video content works best on social media. We have some ideas that work best on social media! You can create various kinds of videos. You can promote your local event on LinkedIn with the Webcam, record a recap of the most-performing blog post on Facebook, share your company culture on Instagram. Make use of short videos to answer support-related queries on Twitter. You can also record product announcements and answer FAQs with these short videos. Exciting, isn’t it?

Increase Site Visits with Videos

The search engine ranking techniques always keep changing and are a puzzle not everyone can solve. Many businesses find it challenging to rank on Google. But good news, video content gives your website the right SEO boost your site needs to rank higher on SERP.

Google loves videos. Videos help visitors stay on your website resulting in less bounce rate and increasing conversions. Web pages with high-quality video and engaging content rank better than blogs with only keyword-stuffed content.

Videos Improve Engagement with Mobile Users

Everyone owns a smartphone. According to statistics, 90% of people watch videos on mobile devices. Videos are entertaining and educational. Mobile-optimized videos are easy to share and increase social shares. Having videos that are mobile-friendly helps generate website traffic and build a good relationship with the customers.

All the videos you create should be mobile-optimized and size-optimized for sharing on different social media platforms.

Are you wondering about the cost and the time involved in creating these videos?

Need not worry. You do not need any professional video recording or editing skills to create these videos. There are many easy to use video editing tools available online to create the best marketing videos for your brand. One of the simplest video editing platforms is InVideo. It is an easy to use video creation tool specially designed to help brands market their products better. With this tool, you can create videos for Facebook & Instagram Ads, Marketing Videos, Intros and Outros for YouTube, and other promotional videos.

Different types of videos for Marketing

There are different types of videos you can create to grow your business with videos. Here is a list of videos marketers frequently use to gain an audience base and grow in the market.

Social Videos: Social videos are a great start. Short videos are the thing. These quick and creative videos help to create an impact in the minds of the viewer.

3D Animation: 3D animations help to demonstrate and showcase the product. 3D animated videos are eye-catching. The only problem is, not all social media platforms support 3D animations.

Event Promotions: One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged is by recording and sharing your events on social media platforms. It helps the viewers know about the daily activities that take place at your office.

Animated Explanation Videos: 2D is still the most recommended type of video. These videos are entertaining, informative, and easily promote your product or service. You can always create short animated videos for your brand and use them in different ways.

So, Don’t let another year pass without video. It is an easy-to-use video creation tool to create the best marketing videos for your brand and reach greater heights.

Guest Submission by Oliver Clark, Marketing Manager at Invideo, a video creation platform. Opinions expressed in the article are of the author.