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Number of Costco Members

Costco is among the largest retail brands based in the United States with a strong presence through the country and some overseas markets. As of fiscal 2022, the number of Costco memberships increased to 118.9 million compared to 111.6 in the prior year. In 2022, the number of paid members was 65.8 million and that of household card members was 53.1 million.

The number of Costco warehouses operational worldwide as of August 28, 2022 was 838 including 578 in the US and Puerto Rico and 107 in Canada. 153 of Costco warehouses were operational in other markets in 2022.

The table below shows the number of Costco memberships in millions including paid members and household card members.

YearPaid Memberships(millions)HouseholdCardsTotal (millions)
201647.6 86.7
201544.6 81.3
201442 76.4
201339 71.2
201236.9 67
201135.3 64
201031.6 58

The number of Costco members in 2021 reached 111.6 million compared to 105.5 million in 2020. Its membership renewal rate at the end of 2021 was 91% in the US and Canada and 89% in the rest of the world.

2020: The number of total Costco memberships in 2020 reached 105.5 million compared to 98.5 million in 2019. In 2020, the number of Costco’s paid memberships in 2020 was 58.1 million compared to 53.9 million in 2019. Its number of household card holder members in 2020 was 47.4 million compared to 44.6 million in the prior year.

Costco started its operations in 1983. It operates membership warehouses in the United States and some more markets. The number of total warehouses Costco operated in 2019 was 782. The total number of Costco members in 2019 reached 98.5 million of which 42.9 million were Gold Star members, 11 million were Business members including affiliates and 44.6 million were household card holders. 

The number of memberships at Costco increased from 86.7 Million in 2016 to 90.3 Million in 2017 and 94.3 Million in 2018. The number of paid members including Gold Star and business members also increased from 47.6 million to 49.4 million and 51.6 million in 2018.