Nissan Mission and Vision statements : An Analysis

Nissan is one of the leading car manufacturers with a strong global presence. The company has maintained its focus upon technological innovation in a challenging industry environment. It has expanded its portfolio of electrical vehicles due to the growing demand of EVs around the globe. The result has been growth in market share in its domestic market and China. Guided by its vision of enriching people’s lives, the company will continue to invest in innovation and the latest technologies. The vision and mission statements of Nissan spell out its focus upon customer experience and innovation.

What are mission and vision statements ?

Mission and vision statements are related to organisational strategy and play a central role in guiding a company’s present and future. The mission statement spells out the reason a specific business exists for and vision statement is like a map or future plan. These statements also spell out the central focus of a business. They guide strategy formulation and decision making inside an organisation. However, they also play a bigger role in the overall business context. For organisations and their leaders, these statements act as scales to weigh their daily actions and decisions upon. Organisations should not waver from their course and these statements help decide if the company’s actions are following the right course. Companies many times include their CSR focus also in their vision statements. It is why the role of these strategies is integral to strategic planning. Mission and vision statements also help companies project a responsible and smarter image. So, they also have a minor but important role in the context of marketing.

What is the mission statement of Nissan Motors?

The mission statement of Nissan Motors is : 

“Nissan provides unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable values to all stakeholders in alliance with Renault”.

The stakeholders of Nissan include customers, shareholders, employees, dealers and suppliers, as well as the communities where the company operates. The central focus of Nissan or the reason that the company exists for is to create unique automobile products and services which deliver superior tangible value to all its stakeholders. Innovation and stakeholder happiness are at the core of its mission. Simply put, the focus of the company is to innovate for creating highest satisfaction for all stakeholders. Each stakeholder benefits in its own manner from the products made by Nissan. For its customers, the company has brought safe and convenient options of transportation. It is also focusing on generating attractive financial returns for its shareholders.

The company also works to maximize employee satisfaction and engagement through HR programs.  Suppliers and distributors are also important stakeholders and the company works to increase their participation and level of engagement through various programs. Nissan also notes that its collaboration with Renault, another leading player in the industry and a competitor is the key to its faster growth. Partnerships have become more common in the automobile industry given the challenging industry environment. However, partnerships also bring higher scale and efficiency and help auto firms grow their market share and customer base.

What is the vision statement of Nissan Motors? 

The vision statement of Nissan Motors is :

“Nissan: Enriching People’s Lives. Nissan has a clear vision for the future, and − with our Alliance partner, Renault − we are working with passion to achieve it. Our mission is to enrich people’s lives, building trust with our employees, customers, dealers, partners, shareholders and the world at large”.

Nissan’s vision statement has two things at its core. The first is its collaboration with Renault, an alliance partner, which will help it reach its goal faster through challenging situations. The second part includes Nissan’s mission statement. Its focus is maximum satisfaction for all its stakeholders through creativity, passion and innovation. To make it clearer – Nissan will continue to focus upon bringing innovative mobility solutions for its customers and will work to maximize the level of trust between the company and its internal and external stakeholders.