Nike Mission statement:

A brief analysis of Nike’s Mission Statement

Nike is the champ of the sports shoe and apparel industry. The company has acquired impressive growth globally through consistent focus upon quality and customer experience. As a sports brand, Nike has created a distinct position for itself in the global market through excellent marketing as well. The growth of Nike is also a result of its customer orientation. Its business strategy has always remained centred on the customers. Sports, like music connects millions throughout the world and the number of Nike fans from all over the globe is also quite large. Nike has brought a large range of products meant for the sports lovers and athletes. The brand’s mission statement also highlights this central focus which is to empower athletes and motivate them to achieve more.

Mission statement of Nike : –

To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.

Nike’s focus in its mission statement is sports and athletes. According to Nike, sports is a universal language that millions of hearts speak. It connects and brings people together like nothing else does.

A mission statement is the reason or cause that a company stands for. It lays out what a company is trying to achieve and what cause it is working for.

Nike’s mission statement is of just two lines and its essence is empowerment of athletes. The brand works to motivate all athletes. Even if you are not a professional player you are still an athlete. The target market of Nike are athletes and sports lovers – male and female both. Nike’s mission statement is more like a slogan meant to inspire energy in sports lovers. Some more things that Nike could include as a part of its mission statement are its customer focus, its business strategy and competition as well as its market position. Mission statements also play a critical role in marketing and Nike’s mission statement is meant to promote a responsible image. The company promotes its customer oriented image whose focus is not just profits but to connect with all the sports fans and athletes globally and help them find their focus and realise their dreams.