Netflix Revenue

The chart above displays the net revenue of popular online streaming platform Netflix. In fiscal 2022, Netflix generated $31.6 billion in net revenue or around $1.9 billion higher compared to the prior fiscal. At the end of fiscal 2022, Netflix had 230.75 million paid subscribers which was 8.9 million higher compared to the prior year.

Net Revenue of Netflix 2007-2022

The following table shows the net revenue of Netflix in billions of US dollars. 

YearNet Revenue ($bn)
2016$ 8.830 
2014$ 5.504

In 2021, the total net revenue of Netflix grew to $29.7 billion compared to $25 billion for the previous fiscal. The company experienced around 19% growth in its net revenues in 2021 compared to 2020. The number of Netflix subscribers was close to 222 million at the end of 2021.

The annual net revenue of Netflix grew to $25 billion in 2020 from $20.16 billion in 2019. The company added net 36,573 new members in 2020 compared to the previous year. The total number of paid members in 2020 was 203,663.

The net revenue of Netflix in 2019 grew to $20,156 million in 2019 from $15,794 million in 2018 driven mainly by a 23% growth in average paying memberships and a 5% increase in the average monthly revenue per paid memberships. 

About Netflix:-

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription streaming entertainment service with 22 million subscribers approximately as of 2021. User across 190 countries enjoy TV series, documentaries and feature films offered by Netflix in a wide variety of genres and several languages. The company was founded in 1997. However, it launched its streaming services in 2007. Previously, the company operated its business as three different segments – Netflix US Streaming, Netflix International Streaming and DVD. However, starting 2019, Netflix operates its global business as one segment. The headquarters of Netflix are located at Los Gatos, California, United States. The company employed 11,300 people in 2021 across 60 countries. 

The consolidated revenue of Netflix grew by 32% in 2017 versus the previous year. Revenue grew from 8.8 to 11.7 Billion dollars from 2016 to 2017. The domestic and international streaming segments experienced growth in revenue of 21% and 58 % respectively. International revenues accounted for around 44% of the consolidated revenues of Netflix in 2017. Check out from these tables how its revenue has grown through last 18 years.