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 Mission and Vision Statements of TD Synnex

TD Synnex was formed after the merger of Tech data and Synnex in 2021. The two companies have merged to form the industry’s largest IT distributor and a $59.8 billion entity called TD Synnex. The merger has expanded the scope of solutions the two companies individually provided. Together they boast of more than 150,000 customers and more than 1,500 vendors. Their offerings in the next gen tech areas including cloud, security, Data Analytics and IoT hold immense potential. The company employed 22,000 people at the end of 2021.

Synnex previously operated with two business segments that included Technology solutions and Concentrix. However, it spun off Concentrix before the merger.

The OEM suppliers of TD Synnex include Alphabet Inc. (Google), Apple, Inc., ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., HP Inc., Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Company, Intel Corporation, Lenovo Group Ltd, Microsoft Corporation, and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. HP is the largest OEM supplier of TD Synnex.

The CEO of TD Synnex is Rich Hume, who was the CEO of Tech Data previously since 2018.

We will discuss the mission and vision statements of TD Synnex in this post. Both these statements are important for setting the strategic direction  of the organization.

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Mission Statement of TD Synnex:

We deliver compelling technology solutions to a dynamic global marketplace. Intent on the success of our partners, shareholders and each other, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and deliver excellence every day. 

A mission statement of a company states the purpose that a company works for or the reason behind its existence.  The focus of the mission statement of TD Synnex are the products and services and the customers and other stakeholders. Apart from that, the focus of the statement is also on quality and excellence. A complete and detailed mission statement can include a description of customers, products, market and competition. TD Synnex notes that it delivers compelling technology solutions that are created to drive the success of its buyers higher. However, the mission statement also briefly highlights the financial aspect of its business – success of shareholders.

Vision Statement of TD Synnex:

“To connect the global IT ecosystem and unlock its potential for all.“

The vision statement of TD Synnex is less specific compared to its mission statement.  Any organizations vision statement is like a guide map to the future. It indicates the direction of the organization and where it aspires to be in the future. Simply put, it outlines the future position of the organization.

In this regard, the vision statement of TD Synnex is not much clear. It only focuses on connecting the global IT ecosystem and helping everyone unlock its potential. However, vision statements need to be more specific and clearer to offer clear direction and help with decision making. The company can also include its main focus areas in CSR and sustainability as a part of its mission and vision statements.

Purpose and Values of TD Synnex

Purpose: We empower our global partners to achieve great outcomes with technology.

Again the purpose statement of TD Synnex is quite similar to its vision statement and mainly focuses on the customers. The company aspires to empower its global partners or customers to help achieve great outcomes using technology.

Organizational Values at TD Synnex:

There are four important organizational values that drive the work culture and philosophy at TD Synnex. These four values are a part of TD Synnex work culture and also important drivers of its operational excellence.


TD Synnex believes in inclusion and diversity. Its human capital is the fundamental driver of its competitive advantage. Everyone’s voice matters at TD Synnex and irrespective of their backgrounds, demonstrating respect and dignity for each individual is important for people working here.


Another important value that drives performance and operational excellence at TD Synnex is collaboration. The demands of customers have evolved faster and the market dynamics have also changed fast. Collaboration is important to bring out the best from inside the people and meet customer demands more effectively. According to TD Synnex, when people listen to each other, and support and inspire each other they can achieve great things together.


Integrity and ethics are also important focus areas for the business. It is important for businesses of all sizes including big and small to build trust among their customers and other stakeholders. However, businesses need to act with integrity and transparency to gain customers’ trust. The company holds itself to the highest industry standards so as to be able to deliver value to its customers and other stakeholders accountably.


Quality and operational excellence are also important focus areas for the business. The company delivers value to its customers and other stakeholders through its commitment to excellence. It continuously searches for opportunities and addresses challenges. Throughout the system, the focus remains to providing excellent service and superior customer experience.