Microsoft Vision, Mission and values

Vision, Mission and Values at Microsoft

Microsoft’s vision and mission statements are mainly aimed at the people and corporations they benefit. The global computer giant aims to empower the planet with the latest in computer technology. Its aim is to help people and corporations achieve their full potential through the use of Microsoft products. It is the example of a customer oriented mission statement. The statements do not mention Microsoft’s products but only how these products benefit the society.

It is a digital era and computers are virtually everywhere. Microsoft has made better utilization of their potential possible for millions on this earth and that is noted in its mission and vision statements. Apart from that, Microsoft believes in six important values that help it make the planet a better place. Particularly, it is innovation that drives Microsoft. However, not just innovation but innovation for empowerment of all is the technology giant’s mission. You can note a strong alignment between Microsoft’s vision and mission statement.

Mission of Microsoft:

“At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on that commitment by striving to create technology that is accessible to everyone—of all ages and abilities. Microsoft is one of the industry leaders in accessibility innovation and in building products that are safer and easier to use”.

The mission of Microsoft is to enable its customers to perform to their full potential. In simple and straightforward words it notes its commitment to the customers and how it strives to make technology accessible to all. In a way, it is working to simplify computer technology and make it everyone’s thing. People of all ages and abilities must be able to access and use technology to do better in their personal and professional lives. So, Microsoft has merged two things. It has merged innovation with accessibility. Innovation is for all and Microsoft is trying to prove just that. It makes products that are simplified and accessible. Microsoft’s mission is an example of a customer oriented mission. It does sound a bit philosophical but addresses the central concerns. There is no mention of the technologies it makes, just a vague description of how they help people. However, factors like society and customer are well dealt with.  It does not address factors like competition or employees. Research has related mission statement with company performance. Companies that are committed to their mission generally do better than their competitors. Microsoft’s mission also highlights other two important things – its global market and its industry leadership. Still, Microsoft’s mission could be more specific and describe how its products have an edge. It talks of technology but does not get specific about its uses and benefits.


“Our vision is to create innovative technology that is accessible to everyone and that adapts to each person’s needs. Accessible technology eliminates barriers for people with disabilities and it enables individuals to take full advantage of their capabilities.

(—Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation)

Microsoft’s vision is aligned with its mission. Two important things that are a part of its mission also figure importantly on its vision statement. It aims to create technology that is innovative and accessible. So, innovation and accessibility are at the core of Microsoft that is expressed in both its mission and vision statements. It builds technology that is relevant and fits with people’s needs. The benefits of accessible and innovative technology are many. It reduces hurdles to growth and helps people and businesses achieve the most from their capabilities. Microsoft is known for path breaking technology but it is also known for its Microsoft Office products used across most offices because of its lower costs. Vision statements must be clear and must outline the company’s vision of the future. Microsoft’s vision statement is succinct and includes its strategy of technological empowerment clearly. It talks of the organization’s objectives and values.  Still, when it comes to stating a desired future position clearly, Microsoft’s vision seems a vague replica of its mission statement.


There are six important values that Microsoft’s business is based upon:

Innovation: Innovation is a core focus area at Microsoft. It makes innovative and affordable technology. The company is devoted to innovation for which it has invested in a large research lab. More than 1000 researchers ware working inside its labs to produce innovative technology.

Diversity and Inclusion: Anther key focus area at Microsoft is Diversity and inclusion. From employees to the customers, Microsoft is focused at maximizing the contribution of each individual. It focuses on diversity and inclusion so that diverse thoughts reflect in its ecosystem of innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility: Microsoft strives to be a responsible partner to the society. If society has placed its trust in Microsoft then Microsoft works to sustain the trust. To focus on it, the brand works in a manner that is inclusive, transparent and respectful of human rights.  

Philanthropy: Microsoft is focused at empowerment. For that purpose it invests technology, finances, employee power as well as company’s support in programs that are aimed at filling the digital divide.  

Environment: Another key area that Microsoft is focused upon is sustainability. Environment is an important concern for Microsoft. The company is leading the way in using technology to do sustainable business as well as minimize its operations and products’ impact on the nature.  

Trustworthy computing: It is not just computing that is Microsoft’s business but it is trustworthy computing. Microsoft serves businesses and people best by providing computing services that are secure, private and reliable computing experiences.