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Marketing Mix of Dell

Dell Marketing Mix:

Dell is a well-known brand of computers and IT solutions. The brand is best known for its direct business model and great technology. In the last five years, the PC market has been through a phase of consistent decline. Dell has also seen its business being affected.

Still, the brand is among top ten PC makers of the world. It produces a wide array of products and services which are known for their quality and competitive pricing. Its focus mainly has been on providing its customers with cutting edge technology while also managing to maintain competitive prices. Its pricing strategy has mainly been focused at discouraging  competitors which it used to do well in the past. However, its competitors like Lenovo and HP have also adopted a similar strategy to surge ahead. Below is presented Marketing mix of Dell.


Dell produces a wide range of products and services meant for home, professional and industry use. Its Inspiron PCs and laptops are meant for home and office use. XPS and alienware laptops are for gaming and are made for the premium segment. Dell also makes All in ones, electronics and accessories as well as several other products.

Other products by Dell include tablets, workstations, servers, storage, networking  and a number of other IT related solutions meant for small and large businesses.  It also provides various kinds of software related to data protection, information management, mobile workforce management, cloud management etc. Overall, Dell makes products and services to cater to all the computing and IT related needs of individuals and businesses.


Dell has generally priced its products aggressively to discourage its competitors. From laptops to PCs most of its products are priced competitively. However, it also produces a separate range of gaming laptops meant to provide the users with a premium experience. ITS XPS and alienware laptops are premium laptops with cutting edge technology to provide a superior experience. Inspiron laptops are priced in a manner to cater to the needs of professionals and common users. This pricing strategy has helped Dell reach a vast customer segment and remain among the top PC makers in the world.


Dell products are sold through several channels. However, the main channel is Dell’s own website.  It has provided an online build to order system. The main advantage of this system is that rather than buying an off shelf system that may not really fit the buyer’s needs, users can customize a system as per their own specifications. Apart from it Dell sells its products globally through authorized resellers and distributors. Its three main distribution partners include Ingram Micro, Tech Data and SYNNEX. Its products are also available at other retail stores and websites like Walmart and Best Buy.


Brands like Dell spend millions on marketing and promotion of their products and brand. It use several channels to promote its products. The television ads are focused at its cutting edge technology and the performance related benefits of its products. Apart from that Dell also promotes its products through the print media.

The PC hardware and software magazines are also used to promote the brand. Internet is also a major channel of promotion for Dell. Apart from its own website, there are several e-commerce websites that promote and sell Dell products.  It also advertises its products using online advertising channels and through social media. It uses the social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote its brand and advertise its products and services. Dell has uploaded more than 1200 videos to YouTube for advertising and branding purposes.