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Major benefits of cloud computing

Some of the major advantages of cloud computing: Take your business to the heights

Cloud computing simply means computing over the internet. In the times of cloud computing, companies and individuals store their valuable data over the internet rather than in hard drives as they did previously. Cloud is used as a metaphor for the internet. ‘In the clouds’ means away from the main hardware. When we store data in hard drives, it is called local storage. The best thing about cloud computing is that it is possible anywhere anytime and all you need is an internet connection and a computer to access the data. Cloud computing is considered the newest big thing in computing. The rush to enter the clouds has begun. Several big names have entered its business including Amazon and Microsoft. This technology has also affected people greatly in a short span of time and brought a major shift in IT and business.

The reason that cloud computing caught on was because it provided some big benefits.  Lowering the costs of technological infrastructure brought big savings for the businesses. In addition, it lowered the costs of maintenance. The upfront expenditure is reduced and one can gain access to his documents easily anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you have to pay based upon your usage and needs which can be  a big cost saver. So, not just that the capital costs got lower with cloud technology, people and companies saved in several related areas. Companies save on storage, management of data plus quality control.  Apart from it, companies have traditionally paid and managed large IT teams to take care of their IT concerns. This problem has been solved with cloud computing as no need to keep IT professionals at huge salaries remains.  This reduces the financial burden on the company.

Maintaining large infrastructure means large maintenance costs. This is another problem that gets solved with cloud computing. So, apart from the reduced tension, there are financial incentives for the companies to use cloud computing. Cloud computing in this way reduces costs but also helps companies manage data conveniently. The costs benefits coupled with the speed and ease of access have popularized cloud computing in a very short period.  It is why a large number of companies have moved to adopt cloud computing to reduce their IT related tensions. Actually, cloud computing has proved to be a one stop solution for so many data and IT related issues. However, there are some risks related to storing data in the clouds which too require attention. There have also been some hacking cases that exposed the risks of cloud storage. The risks are there and yet the benefits of cloud storage are big. It can save you both time and money.