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Hyundai Motors US Sales

The chart above displays the retail sales of Hyundai Motors in the United States market from 2010 to 2022.
In 2022, the company experienced slight decline in its retail sales in the United States market compared to the prior year. It sold 780,675 units in the US in 2022 compared to 787,702 in the prior year. Hyundai sold 175,307 units of its Tucson model in 2022 as well as 119,589 of its SantaFe model.

Hyundai Motors Retail Sales in United States

Retail Vehicle Sales of Hyundai Motors in United States 2010-2022

YearRetail Sales (No. of Vehicles) in U.S.
2021 787,702
2019 710,007
2010 538,228

Sales performance of Hyundai in the United States.

2021: Hyundai’s retail sales in the United States increased to 787,702 vehicle units in 2021 compared to 638,653 units in the previous year.

By the July of 2019, Hyundai Motors had achieved the sales of 402,261 vehicle units in the United States market. The best selling models of Hyundai Motors in the U.S. in 2019 (till July) were Elantra, followed by Tucson, Santa Fe and Sonata. By July, 2019, the company had sold 96,590 units of Elantra model and 78,604 units of Tucson. During the same period, it sold 77,215 units of Santa Fe as well as 54,068 units of Sonata in the U.S. Total vehicle sales of Hyundai in the US in 2019 equalled 710,007 units.

Total Vehicle sales of Hyundai Motors in United States came down to 677,946 units in 2018 compared to 685,555 in 2017.