How to overcome depression

People feel sad many times in their lives. However, depression is not simply sadness. It is something more than simply feeling sad. Sadness is generally gone in days but depression can last longer. Depression is extreme sadness and can last for longer times. It can last for several months or longer and create troubles in daily life or even become a cause of physical pain. When someone is depressed, he may find it difficult to complete his day activities without difficulty. Work and studies can become difficult. The good news is the depression can be treated easily.

Know What is Depression.

Depression is also known as clinical depression or as major depressive disorder. It is among the most common mental problems in U.S.A. affecting a large part of the entire adult population. While different people can feel different effects of depression, some of the most common symptoms are as follows:

– A feeling of emptiness or sadness for prolonged period.

– feeling helpless or hopeless.

– Feeling guilty or worthless.

– feeling angry or irritated.

– Feeling restless.

–  Having difficulty concentrating. 

– Feeling fatigued.

– Disturbed sleep patterns.

– Disturbed appetite.

– Chronic pain, headache, pain in stomach.

–  Losing interest.

– Living a withdrawn life and keeping away from friends and family.

– Suicidal thoughts.

The risk of depression arises from several factors including genetic, biological, psychological, social and environmental. There is a higher risk of depression in case of people who have a family history of depression or are affected by serious chronic diseases like heart disease or cancer. Other factors that can lead to depression include major changes in life, trauma and depression. However, sometimes an episode of depression can begin even without any external causes.

How can depression be treated.

It is not a weakness or something that can go away in an instant. You need professional treatment and advice. However, with proper treatment and care, people can be made to feel better. In case of people affected by severe depression, anti-depressants work to reduce the symptoms of depression. However, a combination medications and psychotherapy is also an effective treatment or psychotherapy alone. Psychotherapy proves highly effective in case of depression since its effects endure for long and prevent depression from returning. 

How can psychologists help.

People should seek help from psychologists when ill with  depression. The licensed psychologist are highly trained and experienced people who can help people recover from depression. there are various approaches to psychotherapy which have been found to be highly helpful with depression. Especially if depression is mild or moderate then psychotherapy can be highly helpful. 

Psychotherapy can help people in various ways including:

– Finding  events that are causing depression and helping them resolve using various approaches.

– Set goals for future (realistic goals).

– Help with identifying  distorted thought processes and behaviours that may be causing helplessness or hopelessness.

– Grow skills that can help cope with depression and prevent the reoccurrence of depression.

Cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal therapy are among the most common evidence based therapies for treating depression.

Cognitive behavioural therapy.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a type of therapy that  helps patients identify and manage the negative thoughts or behaviours which may be causing depression. It is a type of psychological treatment that has been found to be effective in a range of mental problems including depression, anxiety and PTSD. Numerous research studies suggest that CBT can help improve quality and functioning of life in patients of depression. With CBT patients can identify negative thinking and change behaviours which could make depression worse. It helps them interact with others in more positive ways. In this way, CBT helps patients grow higher positivity and overcome depression. 

Interpersonal therapy:

Interpersonal therapy or IPT helps the patients of depression by helping them express their emotions and resolve their problems in better ways and thus improve their relationships with others. Patients can  adapt to troubling life events, build better social skills and cope with depression easily. 

There is no single perfect approach to therapy. Tailored approaches can help create the right treatment plans and address the unique needs and concerns of the patients. With psychotherapy patients can manage stress and depression better.  According to the National Institute of mental health around 6.7 percent of adults and around 11 percent of adolescents had one major depressive episode in 2014. In case of adolescents, medications can be effective but can have side effects. It is why psychotherapy is a better approach for the young people. CBT and IPT both are effective for treating the young patients of depression. They can easily recover from depression. However, research has also shown that such children are at a higher risk of depression in their adulthood.