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Facebook ARPU US & Canada

Facebook Average Revenue per User from the US & Canada

Facebook, a social media platform established in 2004 and currently owned by Meta Inc., boasts a monthly active user base of approximately 3 billion, thereby cementing its position as the world’s foremost social media platform. The platform has experienced consistent growth in its user base, with its primary revenue-generating markets being the United States and Canada. These regions also exhibit the highest average revenue per user compared to other regions worldwide. 

As of the conclusion of 2022, the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) from the United States and Canada was $58.77, representing a decline from the previous year. At the end of 2021, Facebook’s ARPU was $60.57. During the first quarter of 2023, Facebook’s ARPU from the United States and Canada was $48.85, compared to $48.29 during the same quarter of the previous year.

2023 Mar 31$48.85
2022 Dec 31$58.77
2022 Sep 30$49.13
2022 Jun 30$50.25
2022 Mar 31$48.29
2021 Dec 30$60.57
2021 sep 30$52.34
2021 Jun 30$53.01
2021 Mar 31$48.03
2020 Dec 31$53.56
2020 Sep 30$39.63
2020 Jun 30$36.49
2020 Mar 31$34.18
2019 Dec 31$41.41

Facebook’s average revenue per user (ARPU) was the highest at the end of fiscal 2021 when it reached $60.57. At the conclusion of 2020, facebook’s ARPU was $53.56 and $41.41 at the conclusion of 2019 (Dec 31).

NOTE: Facebook defines its ARPU as its total revenue in a given geography during a given quarter, divided by the average of the number of MAUs in the geography at the beginning and end of the quarter. 

Suppose the average of the number of MAUs at the beginning and end of a quarter of 100 million and the total revenue from the same region is $20 billion for the quarter, its ARPU from that region will be $200.

=> 20,000,000,000/100,000,000 = 200