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Costco Wholesale Revenue

The chart above displays the total net revenue of Costco wholesale from 2010 to 2022 in millions of US dollars. In 2022, the US based retail giant enjoyed 16% growth in its net revenue. The company generates a substantial part of its revenue from retail sales and a small part from membership fees. In 2022, its net sales of merchandise amounted to $222,730 million and the membership fees amounted to $4,224 million. Over the past three years, Costco wholesale has experienced a healthy increase each year in its total net sales and revenues.

The number of Costco wholesale warehouses in 2022 was 838, of which 578 were located in the United States and Puerto Rico.

2021: The net revenue of Costco wholesale in 2021 grew to $195,929 million compared to $166,761 in the previous year. The company had net sales worth $192,052 million in 2021 compared to $163,220 million in 2020. The membership fees for 2021 amounted to $3,877 million in 2021 compared to $3,541 million in 2020.

2020: The total net revenue of Costco wholesale in 2020 reached $166,761 million compared to $152,703 million or an increase of more than $14 billion year on year. Costco’s total net sales remained $163,220 million in 2020 compared to $149,351 million in 2019. Costco wholesale also generated total $3,541 million from membership fees in 2020 compared to $3,352 million from the same in the prior year. The total number of Costco members in 2020 was 105.5 million.

YearNet Revenue ($m)Net Sales (m)Membership fees (m)
2017$129,025$126,172 $2,853
2016 $118,719 $116,073$2,646
2015$116,199 $113,066 $2,533 
2014$112,640 $110,212 $2,428 
2013$105,156 $102,870 $2,286 
2012$99,137 $97,062 $2,075 
2011$88,915 $87,048 $1,867 
2010$77,946 $76,255 $1,691 
2009$71,422 $69,889 $1,533 
2008$72,483 $70,977 $1,506 
2007$64,401 $63,088 $1,313 
2006$60,151 $58,963 $1,188 

Costco Wholesale operates membership warehouses in the United States and several more countries. In 2019, it operated 782 warehouses in total. The net revenue of Costco Wholesale in 2019 reached $152,703 million compared to $141,576 million in 2018. Out of the total net revenue, the company generated $149,351 million in net sales in 2019 and $3,352 million in membership fees.

The retail industry has evolved fast in this decade and despite being met with a  challenging environment, Costco has continued to grow its sales and number of warehouses. In 2017 its total revenue grew by around 10 Billion dollars as compared to the previous year. Its 2017 revenue was 129 Billion dollars whereas its 2016 revenue was 118.7 Billion  dollars. In 2016, Costco’s net sales amounted to 126 Billions compared to 116 Billions previous year.  Its Revenue from memberships grew 2.85 Billion dollars in 2017 compared to 2.65 Billions previous year. For the first thirty one weeks of fiscal year (ended April 8, 2018), the company reported net sales of 81.43 Billion dollars which was 11.8% higher than its net sales during the same period previous year. In 2016, its net sales during the same period amounted to 72.82 Billion dollars.  Net sales online grew from 3% of net sales in 2015 to 4% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Its Kirkland signature brand is well known for its high quality and great value. In 2017, sales of Kirkland signature were higher than 35 Billion dollars. The higher net sales were mainly because of increased product offerings across  apparel, sporting goods, fresh food and organic food categories.