Competitors of facebook

Competitors of Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media network with more than 2.2 Billion active members. It is among the leading internet businesses of the world like Alphabet (Google) and Amazon. Popularity of the social media network has grown very fast among the next-gen users. They use it to connect with their friends and family and also to find new connections. Who does not like a large social circle? However, in the recent months a lot of concerns have also been raised over its addictive qualities. Despite these things, its position as the leading social media network remains strong. This does not mean social media businesses are not facing any competition. They are facing stiff competition both directly and indirectly. Facebook also owns Whats App, Instagram, Oculus and Messenger. This is a discussion of the brands that compete directly or indirectly with Facebook.

Social Media & Messaging Competitors:-


Twitter is one of the biggest competitors of Facebook in the social media world. Despite having a smaller audience than Facebook, it is one of the leading social media platforms. Moreover, Twitter has faced less issues related to user privacy or user content compared to Facebook. Due to its attractive features, it is also used by a large number of businesses and marketers. The only problem with Twitter is that it has been unable to generate profits like Facebook. However, when it comes to being the audience’s favourite, it is among Facebook’s toughest competitors.


Pinterest is an image sharing platform. The images saved on Pinterest are called Pins. Other users too can share these Pins and follow Pin Boards. You can save other forms of media too on Pinterest like video files. Pinterest competes with Instagram. Despite having a smaller audience, Pinterest has a strong reputation. Its users are both individuals and business. Compared to Facebook and Instagram, its popularity is low. It has emerged as an attractive image sharing platform and attracts users from all corners of the world.

Google Plus:

Google owns Google Plus. It does not have as large an audience as Facebook. However, it ranks among the largest social media platforms and has a significantly large user base. Individual users and brand marketers both use this social media platform. It has also several attractive options like Facebook for image and video as well as link and post sharing. Despite being less popular than Facebook, it is considered an attractive social media destination.  People can form groups, share ideas and even use Google Plus to market their ideas and businesses.

Linked In:

Linked In is one of the fastest growing social media networks. Its audience is mainly limited to professionals. It is also a platform for recruitment. Linked In was acquired by Microsoft some years ago. It has several of the same features as other social media networks. You can share posts, images and use its messaging services to message your friends and followers on Linked In. Despite being smaller than Facebook in terms of audience size, it has maintained a very strong reputation. Linked In also owns slideshare, a platform for sharing educational documents and slides.


YouTube is one of the most favourite social media destinations for the modern generation users. It is mainly for sharing videos. Alphabet (Google) owns this platform. From all forms of modern music videos to spiritual and educational videos, you can find millions of videos on this platform to pass your time. Not just individual users but businesses too share videos on YouTube which are meant for marketing and promotions or to educate users. Educational institutions also use this platform to share educational videos with their students.


Reddit is also a major social media platform where people can share links of all types and hold discussions. There are several sub-reddits or categories of discussions and shared links that users can follow and participate in. Apart from images and posts, one can share videos and get suggestions from other users  on various topics. The popularity of Reddit has grown globally and its audience also includes a large number of Asian users.


Tencent is also a leading internet based technology headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Tencent’s QQ is a leading messaging service in China. Apart from its QQ which competes with Facebook messenger, the company has also brought Q-zone which is the largest social networking platform in China.

Apple imessage:

Apple’s imessage is also a leading competitor of facebook messenger. Iphone users use imessage for instant messaging. Imessage can be used on iPhone, Ipad or Ipod touch.

Online Advertising Competitors:

Facebook’s main source of revenue is online advertising. However, it is not without competition in this area. Its most important competitors in he field of online advertising are Google and Microsoft.

Alphabet (Google):

Alphabet, the parent company of Google is the largest internet business. It also generates a very large part of its revenue from online advertising. Facebook has emerged as a significant competitor of Google in mobile advertising. Google is ahead of Facebook and has a significant lead over all its competitors. with growing online market and internet audience, the rivalry between the two has grown.


Microsoft also has a significant presence in the area of online advertising. Its advertising empire may not be as large as Google or Facebook but it has brought a significant range of internet based products to the online market. From its Bing search to Internet Explorer internet browser, it has brought more internet based products. Microsoft is also working on growing its online presence through fresh acquisitions. It has acquired the Linked In social network which it also uses for its marketing.

Other Indirect Competitors:

There are other indirect competitors of Facebook too. Several video and image sharing websites too are competing with Facebook. Image sharing websites like Flickr or video sharing websites like Vimeo also compete with Facebook. You will find that these websites have overlapping audience. Moreover, the social media networks and sharing platforms are competing aggressively for market share and audience growth.

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