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Coca Cola Social Media Marketing

Social Media for Marketing: The Case of Coca Cola

Coca Cola YouTube Strategy

Videos have always been an integral part of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy. These videos mostly capture the moments of joy in people’s life. The feel-good factor and the fun lifestyle are some important things that reflect in Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy. The main target of its marketing strategy is the Millennial generation.  To connect with it better, the brand has focused on using social media and establishing better connections. YouTube has 5421 videos uploaded by Coca Cola in several languages. Coca-Cola is not just one of the best selling brands in the world but also the most popular and highest selling soft drink in history.

Taste the Feeling Video below has been uploaded to YouTube in March 2016.

The video provides glimpses of a youth festival. The video is completely hilarious and reflects the young energy found in the millenial generation. A crucial thing that this video captures is the ethnic variety found in  America. The diversity of the American population reflects so well in the video. Singing and dancing young people are celebrating the spirit of the new Millenium. The Millenial generation is the primary target of Coca-Cola’s marketing strategy. It has beautifully showcased young talent as well as the ethnic diversity of the American nation. This is how Coca Cola outshines the others. Young joy, energy, and happiness all are reflected in these videos that are very popular among the young fans and followers of Coca-Cola. Several of its ‘Taste the young feeling’ videos have been watched more than 20 million times. Coca-Cola has registered some crucial wins through social media. Most important are the feelings and Coca Cola has showcased diverse feelings and moods in these videos. From brotherly love to the last customer, all these videos are aimed to deepen the emotional connection between Coca Cola and its young customers.

Twitter Strategy of Coca Cola

Twitter has also boosted the number of Coca-Cola fans and followers significantly. There are more than 3.31 followers of Coca-Cola on Twitter. Twitter provides some tactical benefits in terms of brand marketing. Videos and pictures can be showcased beautifully on it. Its features are superb in terms of advertising and influencing customer behavior. This has helped Coca-Cola deepen its magic. As you scroll videos play automatically and the viewing experience is just unique.

Coca-Cola has made more than 212K Tweets. In this way, Twitter provides a successful and free platform for advertising. There are paid options too but for businesses like Coca-Cola the social media platforms like Twitter can be a boon that can substantially reduce their marketing costs.

Facebook Strategy of Coca Cola

Facebook is also a social media platform that can double the power of your marketing game. Coca-Cola’s Facebook game is even amazing. It has more than 102 million followers and posts updates on every aspect of its business. Its Facebook strategy is an important part of its branding strategy. Coca-Cola posts regular updates on its CSR efforts and also uses the platform for brand localization. In every nation, it uses the local celebrities to marketing its brand better and strikes a deeper connection with its audience. Apart from these things Coca Cola posts updates on quality control and safety measures and responds to consumer complaints and issues through Facebook.