Boeing Mission statement

Boeing is the largest player in the aerospace industry. It is leading the aerospace industry through technological innovation. The company has brought a large range of commercial airplanes and military aircraft. The mission and vision statement of Boeing is as follows :-

“Over the past century, generations of talented Boeing employees helped build the world’s largest aerospace company—and shaped the course of history along the way. The Boeing Vision is an expression of our company’s purpose and values, designed to inspire and focus all employees on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Vision

Purpose and Mission: Connect, Protect, Explore and Inspire the World through Aerospace Innovation.

Aspiration: Best in Aerospace and Enduring Global Industrial Champion”

The Boeing vision includes its purpose and mission as well as aspiration. The purpose and mission of Boeing mainly highlight its impetus on technological innovation. Boeing as a leading aircraft producer, connects several corners of the world with its technology advanced aircraft. It aspires to become the best in the aerospace industry and long term champion. Its vision statement which is made of its mission and aspiration only informs the audience about its focus on innovation and its aspiration to become the world champion and remain the leading player in the aerospace industry. However, as a leading technology and aerospace player, its mission statement should inform about other things as well including its market size, financial position , leadership position, size of competition among others. The mission statement explains the purpose behind a company’s existence and what a company does. Boeing’s mission statement clarifies it to some extent. However, including more details would make it more perfect. the vision statement states out the long term future of the brand and how the company visualizes its future position. In this regard too the vision statement of Boeing needs to be more detailed.

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