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BMW Social Media Strategy

BMW Social Media Marketing



BMW is a world-famous brand of luxury vehicles. It is a global company that makes luxurious and sporty cars. Its attractive and sturdy beasts are loaded with best in class technology.

Behind the global popularity of BMW is its focus on style and innovation. Its stylish rides attract the modern generation riders the most. BMW is the ride of the spoilt and the adventurous. The brand’s image is associated with riding thrill and smart technology.

The company’s tagline is “sheer driving pleasure” which signifies the comfort and luxury associated with the BMW brand.  Apart from being a great brand of automobiles, the company is also known for its great marketing.

This is the era of digital technology. Businesses flock to social media sites to connect with their followers. From Facebook to Twitter and YouTube, all social media sites offer a large audience to connect and communicate with.

BMW has maintained accounts on these sites to engage its fans and followers. Read more about how the company engages its followers through social media communications and marketing.

Facebook: BMW

BMW has several accounts on Facebook, each of which is dedicated to a specific product or geographic region. Apart from its main account, it has other accounts for BMW U.S.A. and BMW Motorsport as well. Each of these pages has millions of followers. BMW has mainly used these accounts for promotions. Most automobile brands use their social media accounts for promotions of their products and brand. However, they also use social media to engage their audience on other topics like innovation, passenger safety, and sustainability.

Facebook is the largest social media platform with the highest number of followers. It is a favorite marketing platform of digital marketers because of the reach it offers. BMW has a main account that has around 20 million followers. The other accounts of BMW also have millions of fans and followers and several have more than 3 million. BMW shares advertising and promotional content with its audience in its account on Facebook.

Each of these posts receives thousands of likes. Shares and comments show a nice level of engagement. Mostly it is the excited customers sharing their excitement about the rids they own or the upcoming models. BMW uses the Facebook account mainly for promotions and to build awareness. It also educates its audience about the best features of the latest models and issues like passenger safety and comfort. Customers also like to share their compliments and grievances with BMW on Facebook.

The company posts one to two updates daily. It helps at staying connected with the fans. Many times marketers may overuse social media for promotions which leaves a poor impression. This can confuse the audience and reduce the impact of your social media communication. BMW’s marketing is effective which shows in the form of an engaged audience and user interactions.

BMW social media managers do not show much interaction though. The company staff reply only when necessary.


Twitter is an attractive social media platform for marketers. It has excellent features for real-time marketing and customer engagement.  Its features are most suited to sharing multimedia content and engaging users. Tweeter posts are called ‘tweets’. 

BMW has several accounts on Twitter that it uses to reach specific customer segments in different markets. The number of followers on Twitter is less than Facebook. However, the company’s level of engagement is still impressive. BMW’s main account has around 2 million followers.

The other accounts of Twitter also have a large follower base. The company shares promotional material mainly on Twitter. Its number of daily posts is one to two. Each post receives thousands of likes, hundreds of retweets and comments.

BMW’s spotlight is on innovation, style, and speed. Twitter is an effective channel to share multimedia content and to run seasonal marketing campaigns.

Instagram: @BMW

Instagram is also an attractive channel for marketing. It is mainly a multimedia sharing website that allows you to share multimedia content. Businesses can share multimedia images or video content and promote their brand and products.

They can also run seasonal campaigns on Instagram. The number of BMW followers is around 19 million. The company has shared around 5,500 posts that include photos and videos. Each of these posts receives hundreds of thousands of likes.

Through Instagram, BMW has brought the spotlight on its stylish cars and innovation. However, it has also engaged its users well. BMW fans are always excited about the latest models and technologies. Time to time, BMW staff also respond to select queries about specific BMW models and their features or prices.

YouTube: @BMW

YouTube is also an attractive platform for sharing promotional videos. The social media site has around 2 million monthly active users. It is the era of video marketing and YouTube has a very large audience. Brands can share promotional videos and create campaigns to advertise and promote their products as well as engage their customers.

The number of BMW’s followers on YouTube is around 850K. BMW shares both promotional and educational videos on YouTube. Apart from creating excitement related to new products and technologies, BMW is able to engage users’ attention on new and creative ideas.

Linked In:

Linked In is a social media platform for professionals. Businesses use it to hire employees as well as market their brands. You can use Linked In to connect with a large group of professional users and to highlight your business and hiring policies. Apart from attracting a large crowd of professionals, you can also project an accountable image from Linked In.

BMW uses Linked In for branding and discussion. It also uses the platform to build awareness on key topics like innovation, the latest technologies like AI, automated driving and sustainability. There are around 900 million followers of BMW on Linked In. 


BMW has a smart social media strategy to communicate with its fans and followers throughout the world. From Facebook to YouTube and Linked In as well as Instagram, the company has used all social media channels for marketing and promotions and to bring its users’ attention to a wide range of topics like innovation, technology, sustainability, and passenger safety.

On Linked In, BMW has engaged its followers on topics like work culture, latest technologies, leadership and HR management. BMW’s social media activity is limited. The company sends no more than one to two posts a day. However, this is still enough to manage a strong connection with followers. Its user engagement level runs highest on Instagram. The company staff engages with followers on special occasions. It is done mostly to inform them about critical issues.


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