American Airlines Group number of passengers carried

The chart above displays the number of passengers carried by the American Airlines Group each year from 2015 to 2022. In fiscal 2022, it carried around 199 million passengers compared to 165 million in the previous year.

While the number of passengers carried by the American Airlines group has returned very close to the pre-pandemic level, its net revenue was higher in 2022 compared to 2019, when it had peaked at $45,768 million. In 2022, the company generated total $48,971 million in net revenue, compared to $29,882 million in 2021 and $17,337 million in 2020.

American Airlines group has experienced solid revenue growth in 2022, which shows the impact of the pandemic on its business is slowly fading. However, the total net income of the company in 2022 was only $127 million compared to a net loss of $1,993 million in 2021. AAG had incurred heavy net loss in 2020 also due to the impact of the pandemic.

Number of Passengers on American Airlines Group Flights (Annual) 2015-2022

The following table shows the approximate number of passengers having boarded the American airlines group flights (annual). The number of passengers is in millions.

YearPassengers (millions)

The American Airlines Group (AAG) is the parent company of American Airlines. AAG also owns Envoy Air Inc. (Envoy), PSA and Piedmont (regional carriers). Apart from these, third-party regional carriers including Republic Airways Inc. (Republic), SkyWest Airlines, Inc. (SkyWest), and Mesa Airlines, Inc. (Mesa) are also a part of the group. 

In 2021, more than 165 million passengers boarded AAG flights compared to 95 million in 2020. The number of enplaned passengers increased in 2021 compared to the previous year but has not yet returned to the prepandemic levels.  In 2019, AAG had carried more than 215 million passengers.

Since the pandemic, AAG has incurred heavy net losses. In 2020, its net loss amounted to $8.9 billion, which declined to $2 billion in 2021. The passenger revenues of the Group reached $26,063 million in 2021 compared to $14,518 million in 2020. AAG operated a total of 1,432 aircrafts at the end of 2021