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Alibaba Group Revenue

Alibaba group has experienced solid revenue growth over the past three years. In fiscal 2022, it experienced 19% revenue growth compared to the prior year. The total net revenue of the China based e-commerce and cloud business grew to $134,567 million in 2022 compared to $109,480 million in 2020.

Net Revenue of Alibaba Group 2011-2022

YearRevenue (RMB Million)Revenue ($ million) 
2022¥ 853,062$134,567
2019¥376,844 $56,152
2018¥250,266$ 39,898
2017¥158,273$ 22,994

The net revenue of the Alibaba Group experienced solid growth in 2021 compared to the previous year. It generated ¥717,289 million in net revenues in 2021 compared to ¥509,711 million in 2020. Alibaba’s net revenues for 2021 remained $109.5 billion compared to $71.99 billion in 2020.

The revenue of Alibaba group in FY2019 rose to ¥376,844m or $56,152m  from ¥250,266m or $39,898m in FY2018. Ecommerce sales accounted for around 85% of the brand’s revenue in 2018.  

Alibaba enjoyed impressive growth in its ecommerce sales last year. The company saw its customer base for its China retail operations grow by around 18 million over the previous fiscal year. Number of Annual Active consumers for fiscal year 2019 became 654 million. The e-commerce segment of Alibaba group enjoyed 51% yoy growth.