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Alibaba group Ecommerce Revenue

The chart above displays the ecommerce revenue of Alibaba group of China from its domestic and international markets from 2011 to 2022. Ecommerce sales are in millions of RMB. While its ecommerce sales including the Chinese market and international markets reached above $103 billion, its total e-commerce revenue that also includes revenue from local services and its logistics arm reached higher than $117 billion in 2022. In 2022, the Alibaba group generated $134.567 billion in net revenue from ecommerce sales, cloud computing and digital media and entertainment sources. Excluding ecommerce sources, the company generated slightly above $17 billion from cloud computing, digital media and other sources.

Ecommerce Revenue of Alibaba group from China and international markets 2011-2022

In fiscal 2022, the Alibaba group of China has experienced impressive growth in its net revenue including ecommerce sales. The company generated total $103,132 million from ecommerce. including $93,497 million from China and $9,635 million from the overseas markets. Its ecommerce revenue from China was ¥592.7 billion (RMB). Ecommerce revenue of the company remained around 76% of its total revenue in 2022.

Amounts are in Millions.

YearChina Ecommerce revenue (RMB Million)China Ecommerce sales in USD millionInternational Ecommerce Revenue (RMB million)International ecom revenue (USD million)
2019¥257,603 ¥27,725 
2018183,723 20,841 
2017119,788 13,337 
201684,321 7,629 
201562,937 6,486 
201445,132 4,851 
201329167 4160 
201215637 3765 
20117665 3433 


Alibaba group generated ¥488,005 million in revenue from ecommerce from the Chinese market or $74,484 million in 2021 compared to ¥345,177 million or $48,748 million in 2020.

The company generated ¥48,851 million or $7,456 million in 2021 from international ecommerce. Alibaba generated 66% of its total net revenues from retail ecommerce in China and around 2% from wholesale ecommerce.

Its retail and wholesale ecommerce sales in the international markets amounted to 5% and 2% of its net sales in 2021 respectively. 

FY 2019:

Total Ecommerce revenue of Alibaba from China (including retail and wholesale) reached  RMB 257,603 million in 2019, of which RMB 247,615 million was from China Ecommerce retail and RMB 9,988 million from China Ecommerce wholesale. Its  total ecommerce revenue form China was $38,384 million.

Total Ecommerce Revenue of Alibaba group from international markets (including retail and wholesale) was RMB 27,725 million in 2019, of which RMB 19,558  million was from retail and RMB 8,167 milion was from wholesale. Its total ecommerce revenue from international markets was $4,131 million.