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Adidas Footwear Production

The chart above displays footwear production by Adidas from 2013 to 2022 in millions of pairs.

Footwear production at Adidas increased to 419 million pairs in 2022, compared to 340 million pairs in the prior year. Around 34% of the company’s footwear was produced in Indonesia in 2022, 32% in Vietnam and 16% in China.

Footwear Production of Adidas in Million pairs. 2013-2022

YearFootwear Production (Million Pairs)

2021: Adidas has outsourced all its production to the external suppliers, which are mostly located in Asia. In 2021, its 96% footwear was manufactured in Asia. The lar gest footwear manufacturing country for Adidas in 2021 was Indonesia where 36% of its footwear in 2021 was manufactured followed byb Vietnam 30% and China 15%. Adidas suppliers produced 340 million pairs of footwear in 2021 compared to 379 million pairs in the previous year.

Footwear production by Adidas grew to 448 million pairs in 2019 compared to 409 million pairs in 2018.  

Adidas is a leading manufacturer of sports shoes and apparel. It is based in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The company makes and sells products in three main categories – footwear, apparel and hardware (accessories and gear). Footwear is the largest product category of Adidas based on net sales, accounting for more than half of its total net sales each year.