Yamaha Motorcyle sales

Motorcycle sales of Yamaha Motor 2006-2017


Yamaha is known worldwide mainly as the maker of motorcycles. However, it also makes other products like boats, Marine engines, snow mobiles and generators as well as golf cars. It has a quite large and varied product portfolio thatĀ  also includes industrial robots. In 2017, with the sales of 5.39 million vehicles, Yamaha catered to 10% of the entire motorcycle demand globally. Asia remained the largest market for Yamaha motorcycles constituting 84.6% of the entire sales. India especially has grown to be the world’s largestĀ  Motorcycle market in the world. The demand for scooters has especially grown very fast. Yamaha is working to grow its sales in Asia by expanding its range of low cost and affordable motorcycles there.

In 2017, yamaha’s revenue from the sales of Motorcyles was 1045.2 Billion Yen which was equal to 62.6% of the entire net sales (1670 Bn Yen). This was 115 Billion Yen higher than the previous year. After motorcycles, it was the marine products and power products at 19.4% and 9.1% of Yamaha’s net sales respectively. the table below shows the sales of Yamaha Motorcycles from 2006-2017 and the revenue it earned from motorcycle sales during these years.


[table id=96 /]


This data is sourced from the annual report of Yamaha motors available on its investors website.


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