Volkswagen Vehicle sales and revenue by market/region

Vehicle Sales and Revenue of Volkswagen by market/region 2002-2017

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The entire business of Volkswagen is divided into four markets/regions that include Europe/other markets, Asia Pacific, North America and South America.

Europe and Asia Pacific are the two biggest markets for Volkswagen. In 2017, it sold more than 4.5 million vehicles in Asia Pacific alone.  the number of vehicles sold in Europe/other markets was the highest at higher than 4.7 million vehicles. The revenue from Europe/other markets was 1.42 Billion Euros whereas that from Asia Pacific was 39 million Euros. In Asia Pacific, its revenue has climbed by more than 3.5 million Euros over the previous year whereas in  Europe, it went up by more than 4.5 million Euros. Volkswagen sold 992 vehicle units in North America in 2017 and the revenue was around 39 million Euros.  This shows that Asia Pacific is the largest market for Volkswagen’s lower priced models.  However, the performance of Volkswagen worldwide has grown better despite the diesel scandal and while the brand had to bear very large financial loss due to the  scandal it has been very quick to bring its performance back on  track.


The data is sourced from the annual reports of Volkswagen to be found on its investors website.

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