Revenues of Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza Total Revenues 2001-2017

The following table shows the total revenues of Domino’s Pizza from 2001-2017. Amounts in million dollars.

[table id=167 /]

The total revenue of Domino’s Pizza reached 2788 Million dollars in 2017 rising from 2472.6 Million dollars in 2016. The main source of revenue for Dominos are the royalties and fees form its franchisees. Apart from that the company generates revenues by selling food, equipment and supplies to its franchisees mainly in US and Canada.  Its own stores are also a  source of revenue for the brand. Domino’s supply chain was the largest source of revenue for the brand in 2017 accounting for 1739 million dollars out of its total revenue. Revenue from domestic franchisees amounted to 351.4 million dollars and that from US based company operated stores 490.8 million dollars. Its revenue from the international franchisees in 2017 was 206.7 million dollars.

The following table shows the Distribution of Revenue of  Domino’s Pizza 2010-2017 (Amounts in million dollars)

[table id=168 /]


Data sourced from the annual reports of Domino’s Pizza.