Number of employees at IBM

Number of employees working for IBM – 2000-2017


The following table shows the number of employees working for IBM (International Business Machines) from 2000-2017. The numbers are in 000s.

[table id=204 /]

The technology industry is marked by intense competition and brands need to have skilled employees in order to stay ahead. Hiring and retaining the best therefore is a key focus for the large technology brands. IBM is a global brand and operates in more than 175 countries. It had 366600 employees in 2017. This was the number of employees working for its fully owned subsidiaries and it was 14000 less than the previous year. However, its less than fully owned subsidiaries employed around 9300 employees, 300 less than in 2016. Apart from them it had 21900 complementary employees in 2017 and 24500 in 2016. The complementary workforce numbers an approximation of equivalent full time employees hired under part time, short term and limited term employee arrangements by the brand to meet specific needs of the business.


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