Advantages and limitations of planning

In this post, we will discuss planning, its advantages for businesses including operational and financial benefits as well as the limitations which affect planning and its impact on business success. Why should businesses plan? Planning is an essential business activity and critical to growth and expansion for organizations. It helps at proper organization and utilization … Read more

Types of Planning

In this post, we will discuss planning and types of planning and their importance in the context of business and competitiveness. Let’s see how business use various types of planning to grow their productivity and manage various types of risks and challenges. Planning is an essential business activity. Organizations that have an effective business planning … Read more

Discuss Deming’s 14 Principles

In this post, we will discuss the 14 principles by W. Edwards Deming for effectively improving quality organizationwide. Dr. Willian Edwards Deming is renowned as a leading statistician, author, lecturer, and management consultant. Deming is hailed as the leading management thinker in the field of quality. Trained in engineering, Deming also worked as a professor, … Read more

Some important factors to note when changing the organizational structure

In general, organizational structure refers to the way that individual employees and teamwork are coordinated inside an organization. It also refers to the managerial hierarchies within an organization. The organizational structure sets forth the reporting relationships and information flows within an organization. The organizational structure of a company plays a key role in shaping the … Read more

Mintzberg’s ten managerial roles

Who are the managers? How do people tend to think of managers?  People tend to think of managers according to their position in an organization which helps them have some idea about their role and responsibilities. The need for different types of managers to carry out different roles and responsibilities has always existed. The top … Read more

Measuring Personality types and personality traits

Personality is an important factor that affects various aspects of our lives and our personal satisfaction as well as success. It has been linked to various things including performance, buying behavior, leadership, and the achievement of our personal and professional goals. Understanding our personalities helps us recognize and build upon our leading strengths, which can … Read more

Discuss the external factors that can affect organizational culture.

In a previous post, we have discussed the internal factors that can affect organizational culture. However, just like those internal factors there are several external factors too which can have a profound impact on the organizational culture. Culture is a driving force inside organizations that drives superior performance and higher productivity. What type of culture … Read more

Discuss the internal factors that can affect organizational culture.

The focus on organizational culture in the twenty first century has increased due to its increased importance in terms of organizational productivity. The organizational culture is at the root of everything inside an organization including employee behavior and performance. The culture sets the tone for everything inside an organization including its governance, employee management, and … Read more

Discuss the relationship between the management theories and organizational behavior.

How are the early management theories related with organizational behavior? Organizational behavior may have come to be recognized as a field of its own quite late. However, its roots can be traced back to the time of the industrial revolution when several management theories came into being. At the time of the industrial revolution, management … Read more

Six important management theories

Currently, there are several management theories that have found their way into management literature. During the industrial revolution, the need to change how corporations were managed was strongly felt. It had become clear that there was a need to change the way business leaders and managers operated businesses. As a result, several management theories came … Read more